Sunday, August 5, 2012


I don't know about the rest of the world.... But the heat has finally hit my part of the US of A and BOY is it awful. I hate the heat. I've been trying to keep myself cool so after church today I drank a large glass of chilled juice.
Then I broke out our new smoothie maker and after briefly glancing over the instructions... I washed it out (as told) and made myself and my family smoothies!
The recipe is as follows:

1 cup of grapes
1 orange
1 banana ("I like bananas, bananas are good.")
1 cup of strawberries
1 cup of ice cubes.

Then mix it all up and eat it! Makes three largish medium smoothies - perfect to cool you off on a hot day.... Until you run out of smoothie.

To go along with my smoothie, I pulled out Doctor Who which I really should have sent back to Netflix a few weeks ago.... But I just can't! It's all "The Doctor Dances" fault! It's my favorite episode so far and I've seen it 4 times I think....
Anyway, I was watching the four episodes on the disk (which were "The Long Game" which has Simon Pegg in it! He plays Thompson and Reepicheep and Scotty!! As in, Star Trek Scotty! In the new movies. Other episodes include, "Father's Day" another favorite episode of mine.... "The Empty Child" and "The Doctor Dances" <---- Has some of the best quotes ever).

"Don't drop the banana!"
"It's a good source of potassium!"

I've taken a break now, even though I'm only half through "The Empty Child." I've taken a break to finish watching 1995 Pride and Prejudice which we started before we went camping and never finished.... I love it.
"Oh Mr. Bennet! Are we to be murdered in our beds?!?!?!?!?!!" You gotta love Mrs. Bennet.

Anyway, this Sunday really has been a day of rest. Yesterday I went swimming in my friend's pool and since I haven't been swimming for a looooong time I was exhausted today. The 90 degree weather also makes it easier to sit back and relax..... Hateful, isn't it?

I was also looking through the Vancouver Sun books and found out that I have to read 28 books before I get to the one I really want to read!! Sigh.... Oh well. I might skip Anne of Green Gables since I read it recently. It's no. 4 in the list....
Gaaahhhh.... I need to find a fan to lie in front of.
So long farewell! I hope you are cooler than I am.


  1. We already had our hot and unbearable weather, and it's just now coming to be normal, hot but not unbearably so weather. And yes, smoothies are amazing! You just chuck a bunch of random fruit in the blender along with some yogurt and some ice and ta-da!

  2. The Doctor Dances is one of the best episodes of all time. It is still one of my top favourites, even topping some of the Tenth Doctor's. Such a cool one, and slightly creepy, and way cool.