Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 3: Links to all your blogger friends.

ShiningHisLight97 is one of my best friends in real life. We met about 7 years ago through Girl Scouts.

Jessica at Authorly Insane I met on three of four years ago and we've been great friends ever since!

Jen at Love Life is another friend I met on Howrse. We've known each other for about two years and she's my Star Trek sister.

Miss Jack Lewis Baillot at However Improbable. I found her through Tintinology back in December. I had been reading Tintinology for a few months already but then checked out her blog when she commented that she was doing special blog posts leading up to the movie release.

And last but not least Clair at Working Title! She is a new blogging buddy but a great friend none the less!

Also all you people over at Inklings are great too!

And since this a post all full of links I am going to link you people to a very interesting article that makes you think just how much time should I be spending on the internet?

Is the Web Driving us Mad?

Make sure the read the whole five pages (the "next" button is kind of hard to see).
It is definitely something to think about... Every time I came on the computer today I have found myself thinking, "Oh no! Am I addicted to the internet? NOOOO! You shall not conquer me you evil machine!"

Anyway, read that article. I have been doing some thinking and I certainly won't be spending as much time on the computer. I want gray matter! Not white!

Live Long and Prosper. And get off the computer. I mean it.

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