Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top Tuesdays: Holland style!


Today was an important day for the Netherlands (also known as Holland). Not only was it Queen's Day (a holiday for the country) but Queen Beatrix, who has been queen over the Netherlands for 33 years, abdicated her throne. Her son, Willem-Alexander took over as king. He's the first king Holland has had in a century!

In honor of this, I've been wearing an orange ribbon in my hair all day (you can also see my new glasses!):

I've been decorating everyone in the house with pieces of orange yarn as well (because orange is Holland's color. The royal family is "the House of Oranje" (the House of Orange).



Rosey was not very happy that I tied so many things onto her fur. But they are all still in and it has been a few hours... she must have forgotten about them.
I was also inspired to do a Holland-themed photoshoot with Kirsten.... but more on that at the end of the blog post.
First, my top nine things that come from Holland!

8. Hans Brinker (or the Silver Skates).
A children's book about Hans and his sister who skate in a contest to win a pair of silver skates. I read a condensed version of this a few years ago (I didn't know that it was a condensed version) and need to pick up the adult version, which is sitting on the bookshelf.

7. Stroopwafels (and other delicious goodies).

Mmmmmmm.... Two thin layers of batter with syrup inside.

6. Windmills!


5. Cool names.
Such as Jaap, Engalina, Luitzen, Jan, Pieter, etc...

4. Tulips!

My favorite flower.

3. Corrie Ten Boom and her book The Hiding Place.
This is a wonderful book. It tells all about how Corrie trusted God when she was brought to a concentration camp during WW2. A true story and a wonderful, wonderful read. I highly recommend this book.

2. GOUDA!!!!!! (Pronounced gow-da not goo-da. Or, if you want to say it in Dutch, how-da.)

The best cheese in the entire world.

1. My Grandparents and all my other family members/ancestors that have come from Holland.

 (My Grama)
So there you have it! Now a few of my favorite pictures from the photoshoot I did with Kirsten. Her dress is from a second hand American Girl store which I think is in Iowa.... It is a traditional Dutch dress from either Gelderland (where my Grama is from) or Groningin (where my Grandpa is from).



(Reading from the Dutch cookbook... which is in Dutch.... therefore, we can't actually cook out of it. Maybe someday.)


(Dutch shoes: klompen.)


(With a book of Psalms - in Dutch!)

(Dolls in Trees! And Rosey all ribboned up.)
In other news, I finished Camp NaNoWriMo last night! I wrote 4,500 words last night just to finish... I hit the 50k mark just before 10:00 and then spent the next hour writing the ending - which was only 800 words. Hip hip! I'm finished! Now I don't have to look at it again for 10 years.
And finally some exciting breaking news.... Next jaar sometime mijn oma, mijn vader, mijn moeder, en Ik, zal bezoek het Nederland! (next year sometime my grama, my dad, my mom, and I, will visit the Netherlands! I only had to look up one word. =D)

Lang zal ze leven! Hiep hiep hoera! (Long may she live. Hip hip hurrah!)

Monday, April 29, 2013

That's right, folks! It's time for another book review!

Title: The House of Mirth (which is taken from a verse in Ecclesiastes. It is better to go to a house of mourning than to go to a house of feasting, for death is the destiny of everyone; the living should take this to heart. Ecclesiastes 7:2).

Author: Edith Wharton.

Synopsis: In 1905, Lily Bart is part of the elite group of fashionable rich society in New York. But slowly her extravagant tastes exceed her small income. Further thrusting her out of society is the implied - but totally untrue - accusations by her friends of having an affair with a married man.

My rating: 8/10 stars.

Why I liked the story: The story is so fabulously interesting. There were very few high class families with a lot of money in the early 1900's. Most people, like today, were middle class or lower class.
Though some may find it dry, it is very, very interesting and I thought the writing style was beautiful.
You can clearly see the downfall of Lily... which I think is a cool writing technique. You can see her go from rich to poor and also lose some of her prejudices in her downfall. It's really cool.
The characters are pretty cool too. I especially like Gerty Farish and Seldon... though he's kind of sad.
Lily's morals are somewhat mixed, but good overall. I appreciate that. She won't create a scandal (even though her friends are weaving one around her).

What I didn't like/things you should know/some more of my thoughts: It can be confusing sometimes because of the writing style... Lots of big words strung together and old fashioned terms. It can also be confusing because there are SO many characters!!! Lily Bart, Seldon, Gerty, Carry Fisher (haha. You Star Wars fans get that), the Gormers, the Brys, the Trenors, the Van Alstynes, the Van Osbourghs, the Dorsets, Mr. Rosedale, the aunt lady whose name I forgot... Ned Silverton... Grace Stepney... Jack Stepney and his wife Grace.... That's about all the main-est ones... There are a few other characters too. Talk about confusing! Oh... I forgot Percy Gryce and Lily's two employers (because she is brought low enough that she has to work at the end of the book. There's also Hattie and her husband George... They have a baby that Lily holds near the end of the book).
This is kind of a depressing book. You kind of feel like yelling at Lily the whole way through the book. She loves wealth and money and comfort but she doesn't have money and is in debt, just to fit in with her rich friends. She needs (and she longs) to marry someone rich so that she can pay off her debts and to continue the rich life. But somewhere in the back of her mind, Lily knows that is a futile way to live. But she loves comfort and rich stuff too much to give it up. She is also somewhat in love with Seldon which stops her from marrying Percy Gryce. It also stops her from doing some bad things later on in the book.
Anyway, she has several instances where, had she said yes, she would have been happy. She doesn't though, and ends up... well, read the book and find out. It doesn't end happily.
There are the hinted at affairs.... People think that she has an affair with two married men. That doesn't actually happen. Some other characters, however, do have affairs. Nothing is explicit, though, since this was written in 1905. Also, it is kind of hard to pick out the real meaning of some of the things said because of the old fashioned language (which, for some reason, is harder to read in this book than in Jane Austin!).
A few bad words scattered here and there. Nothing too horrible.

Have I read it before? Nope.

Will I read it again? Probably sometime in the future!

Would I recommend it: I would, but to certain audiences. If you aren't a fan of depressing, descriptive, social commentaries, this book isn't for you.

Live long and prosper! I'm off to write write write! Camp NaNo ends tomorrow!!!!

Friday, April 26, 2013


Jack Lemmon (the crazy laughing one) and Peter Falk (MAAAAAAAAXXXX!!!!) in The Great Race, one of my absolute FAVORITE movies ever!
Music by Henry Mancini - of course it's genius! (Fun fact: He also did the Pink Panther music, the music for The Great Mouse Detective, and music for Breakfast at Tiffany's!)

Live long and prosper!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

So close yet so far....

A hurried outline has been scribbled on an index card so the writer knows where she is going and only 8,200 words remain. Yet the writer has lost the will to write... She had also just barely made her word count for the day. Can she possible make it through the end of the month???

In other news.... I've been watching lots of bookshelf tours on youtube. It's fascinating to see what kinds of different books people have on their shelves. So far every single one I've watched (and I've watched probably eight or ten) have both the Twilight series and the Hunger Games series, two series that I do not have on my shelf! Also lots of dark romances and zombie books.
Now I'm contemplating doing a shelf tour of my own because my books are some of my dearest possessions and I love to just look at them. Which is probably not good.
Anyway, in a few months, I'll probably do a bookshelf tour (because I'm planning on going to my favorite bookstores soon and I'm also planning on buying a few books from self-published authors....). Whether I put that tour on my blog or not.... Haha.
I thought I'd talk a bit about the books I'm currently reading. I'm reading several books, of course, although I just put down a few books that I just couldn't get through right now (mostly Agatha Christie. I think I'll save her for this summer. Her books seem like good summer reads). It seems like I've been reading all these books for eeevvveeerr.... I really need to start finishing some books. I fear that there may be n excess of book reviews next month.
I am still reading the Two Towers by Tolkien..... Every few weeks I read a few paragraphs. If I continue this way I might have it finished by the end of the year. *facepalm* And I only have, like, five chapters left!
The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells is also occasionally taking up some of my time. I need to finish it soon because it has to go back to the library. I'm finding it really hard to get through it for some reason... I really want to read The Invisible Man (also by H.G. Wells) because I'm sure he's stalking me. First he was playing the piano at the hospital and then he gave me a call and didn't say anything.

For literature I'm reading The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton (the title is taken from the book of Proverbs. More on that later... when I do a book review. That should be sometime this weekend because I have to finish the book tomorrow because we're discussing it tomorrow. Three more chapters!)
Anyway, I'm really enjoying House of Mirth... but again, more on that sometime this weekend. It is kind of a Jane Austin-y type romance sort of... It's about the perils of being a high society woman in 1905, I suppose. It's very depressing the further you read.

Then I'm reading one of Liberace's three books: The Wonderful Private World of Liberace by Liberace. I'm really enjoying getting a look into his... well, private world. It is very interesting/enlightening. He was such an expensive man, for lack of a better world. But also VERY personable. There was a real person under all the showy gowns and flashy pianos and really, that's all they were for: the show.
I'm planning on doing a review for this book as well.

Finally, I am re-reading The Princess Bride by William Goldman. I read this last August and honestly, I don't remember why I picked it up again at the beginning of the month.... Maybe I just needed something happy and mindless to read. I don't know. But now, re-reading it, I have decided that it has made my "favorite books" list. I love it so much! Again, look out for a review in the near future.

So, would you all like to see a tour of my bookshelf sometime this summer?

Live long and prosper!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Caught up!

I realised last night after I had turned off my computer that I forgot to do a Top Tuesdays.... Sorry 'bout that. I'll make up for it next Tuesday.


I've been hurriedly writing writing writing tonight! The weekend at the Hot Springs got me behind on my Camp NaNoWriMo progress but I finally buckled down and caught up tonight.

I reached my climax today and am hoping I can find 9,882 words of denouement somewhere.... I have a few things planned.

Since I haven't been the most motivated writer the past few days (hence the need to get caught up) I came up with a way to get myself motivated today. I told myself that if I wrote 1,000 words in half an hour, I could watch one episode of Get Smart (which are also half an hour long).
Get Smart is a spy TV show that was on during the '60's (and also a movie in 2008 starring different people than in the TV show).
My friend Jen first told me about the show... but I really had no clue what she was talking about. Just that it was a super funny slapstick spy show with a girl named 99.
Then Miss Jack Baillot started posting about the show on her blog and I thought, "hey, why not check it out?" So a few months ago I watched the first episode and loved it. I think I watched one or two other episode after that... And haven't watched any since.

Maxwell Smart, the main character, with his shoe phone - my favorite gadget from the show.
Last night I re-watched the first episode. Today, after I wrote 1,000 words, I watched the second episode. Then 1,000 more words and the third episode... Then 500ish more words and I was all caught up! My word count is now 40,118.
What's the consequence of watching Get Smart? This snippet from my novel that I wrote tonight:
“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. If I were you, I would put the weapon down on the ground,” the man said coolly.
“Why?” Varina asked suspiciously.
“Oh… because you’re surrounded,” the man said casually, picking at one of his fingernails. The surrounding trees and bushes rustled and out popped men, all dressed in black - like the man in front of Daniel, Varina, and the Big Boss – and carrying guns surrounding the trio. They were surrounded!
Daniel groaned. “Oh no, not the old hide your secret agents in the woods and send one out before unveiling them all trick! That’s the second time I’ve fallen for that this month!”
Varina stared at Daniel. “No more Get Smart re-runs for you,” she said.
In all its unedited glory!
While writing tonight, I have been listening to my Music to Spy By CD from the International Spy Museum. I love that CD... It's great. Especially when writing a spy novel.
Now I'm going to go watch some Trek Nation clips.
But before I go, I shall leave you with this:
Max and 99.
Live long and prosper!

Monday, April 22, 2013

There and back again....

The past few days we have been in Harrison Hot Springs, which is a fancy-ish resort thing next to a beautiful lake with - you guessed it - hot springs! It was very fun. I've never stayed in such a fancy hotel before.... They had white bathrobes on the beds, just waiting for us to take them to the hot spring-fed pools.

Me and my dad trying to walk 'cool' down the hallway in our white robes on the way to the pool.
We celebrated my Grama's 80th brithday and also burried Grandpa's ashes. It was a very, very wonderful weekend!

On the way home I finally got to spend a gift card to a Christian bookstore that my mom's friend gave me..... My mom bought two piano books, my dad got a CD, and I got two books and we still had 33 cents left over!
I got the sequel to There's No Place Like Holmes which I did a review on once upon a time.... and I got a sci-fi book which looks quite interesting. I think Christian fiction is becoming more interesting (though a lot of it looks like sci-fi/paranormal stuff now.... verses dragon fantasy). When I read the books I'll do a review.


Over the weekend I wrote 2,000 words in my novel. I'm about 1,000 behind, but oh well. I'll catch up later.
I also started writing a short story about Daniel and Varina at Harrison Hot Springs where they have to solve a murder mystery. This is my first real mystery - I'm excited!

I haven't really been reading much in the past week... I need to rectify that.

So that's what's been up with me the past few days... How about you all?

Live long and prosper.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yes, Jessica, I fully intend to tag you.

Jack tagged me!


1. Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their site.
2. Post 11 random things about yourself.
3. Answer 11 questions from the person who tagged you.
4. Ask the people you tag 11 questions.
5. Nominate 11 other blogs.
Thanks Jack! Your link is up above....

Eleven random facts about me:
1. I am very lazy at answering comments on my blog.... Would you guys like me to reply to your comments? I never know. I feel kind of bad for not responding to them.... So, would you like to reply to them? Because I can always start!

2. I'm listening to Frank Sinatra.

3. I changed my word count goal back to 50,000 words because I plotted the rest of my novel out and figured out I'm closed to the end than I thought! Yay! I didn't think I would be able to make 60,000 words before the end of the month.....

4. I think I'm reading six books right now....

5. One of which is one of Liberace's autobiographies... It is very interesting.

6. You make me feel so young.... listening to Frank Sinatra, remember?

7. Michael Buble AND Skillet are coming out with new CD's!!!!

8. In science I'm learning all about xylem and phloem and photosynthesis and the different shapes of leaves (is it oval or chordate?) and all sorts of alien sounding things.

9. My desktop background is:

(At the site of the Boston Massacre with Tintin last June. Notice the people staring in the background - hee hee!)

10. Random! Random! Random!

11. Whew. Done.

Now to answer Jack's 11 questions!

1. The Doctor shows up and asks you to be his companion at the same time Sherlock asks you to be his blogger. Who'd you pick?
Frankly, I wouldn't go with either of them. :P I'm happy where I am.
But if they both showed up at the same time... Mwahaha... I would say, "Sherlock, have you met the Doctor yet?" and I would send them off together, bickering.

2. In the great Clara debate, who do YOU think she is. (And if you don't know who Clara is...I've two words for you. No, three. Watch Doctor Who.)
*GASP* I think she's Jenna Louise Coleman!!! O_O Hee hee, I haven't seen season seven yet.

3. You're falling off a building, which Avenger do you want to save you?
Haven't seen this yet either... How about all of them come to save me at once?

4. Would you go for a ride in a cold, hot air balloon?
Sure! Sounds like fun.

5. Does your wardrobe lead to Narnia?
I don't have a wardrobe.... sigh. But Daniel and Varina hide in a wardrobe and they leave the door open a bit because it is foolish to lock one's self in a wardrobe.

6. You meet an Alien who is about to kill you. Do you offer him a Jelly Baby or run?
Run. 'Cause I don't think they sell Jelly Babies in the USA.

7. If your best friend faked his death to save your life, then popped up a year later to inform you he was still alive, would you faint or punch him?
I think I would probably faint.... Or at least sit down heavily.

8. Buttered popcorn or plain?'
9. Have you ever had a flip phone in your position and wished to yell, "Beam me up, Scotty!" into it?
That's a brilliant idea!! Too bad my dad just got rid of his flip phone....
Although for Halloween a few years ago I did made a communicator out of an old flip phone.
10. What is your favouritest book?
You just had to ask that.... It's probably between The Hobbit, To Kill a Mockingbird, and The Hound of Baskervilles.

(Drawing by Sidney Paget.)
11. It is raining, do you go for a walk in it or sit by the fire with hot chocolate and a good book?
Sit by the fire with a good book, definitely. Although, in my current situation, it would probably be sitting up at the counter doing schoolwork or typing for Camp NaNoWriMo.
Now my eleven questions....
1. Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I'm 64? (Beatles song... not something creepy).
2. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?
3. If you could paint your room one color what would it be?
4. What would you do if you won $50,000 (and could keep it ALL without giving any of it to the government)?
5. Do you know who Carol Burnett is?
6. Would you like a Jelly Baby? (See picture up above.)
7. Do you have baby names picked out for when you get married and have kids?
8. If so, what are they?
9. What do you think classifies a classic as a classic?
10. Are you reading more than one book right now? If so, how many?
11. What books are you reading right now?
I don't think I know 11 people on blogger.... But I tag:
Jen (hee hee, her last blog post was a tag from me....)
aaannndd... Kendra at Knitted by God's Plan? I don't know if you do tags or not....
Plus anyone else who wants to take it!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top Tuesdays: Top Doctor Who episodes (that I have seen).

Here are my favorite Doctor Who episodes done Top Tuesdays style!

12. Time Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone.

These were the first episodes that I really connected with the Eleventh Doctor. I didn't really like the first three episodes of the fifth series but when this double episode came around, I really started to enjoy the Eleventh Doctor. This is also the episode to feature the comfy chairs!

And also the episode with the Doctor's magic disappearing jacket that shows up in the next episode....


Plus it's got freaky Weeping Angels. What's not to love?

11. Dalek.


This is one of the first episodes with Rose and Nine.... It has great character development, the first Dalek of the new series, and a cool underground museum.

10. Vincent and the Doctor.

I loved this episode. After going to a Vincent Van Gogh art exhibit with Amy, the Doctor sees a monster in the window of one of the paintings - a monster that shouldn't be there. So he and Amy board the TARDIS and go back in time to see why Vincent painted the monster in there.
They find a poor, disheveled man whose paintings are seen as rubbish. Oh yeah, and everything thinks he's crazy because he gets attacked an invisible monster thing.
I loved this episode. I think it's really, really good. Also funny. The only thing I didn't like was what happened to the monster.... That was sad.
The end was wonderful, though! Amy and the Doctor take Vincent into the future and show him an art exhibit showcasing only his work. They ask the tour guide if Vincent was a good painter and the guide goes on and on about how brilliant Vincent was. Vincent, who is standing right there, cries and thanks the Doctor. Amy is sad to find out that, though he is much happier, he still commits suicide in the near future.
I loved the character of Vincent. My only problem with him was that he didn't have a Dutch accent!

9. The Christmas Invasion.

The Doctor has just regenerated but something has gone wrong. After crash landing the TARDIS in present day London, near Rose's mother's house, he passes out and doesn't wake up.
Rose, Jackie, and Mickey take him to Jackie's home and Rose has a mini-breakdown. What happened to HER Doctor? Was he still the same man?
It's Christmastime and Rose goes shopping with Mickey... only to be attacked by robot Santa's! They go back to Jackie's apartment and are then attacked by their Christmas tree!

This episode gets a bonus for having a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy reference in it. Also for the "not ginger" and "this hand is a fighting hand!" quote. Also for having probably my favorite Doctor Who scene ever.... Which, sadly, I can't find to put on my blog.
"I demand to know who you are!"
8. The Unicorn and the Wasp.
A lot of people don't like this episode because.... well, the whole wasp thing is kind of stupid. Basically, a lady fell in love with an alien wasp and they had a baby - who was also an alien wasp disguising himself as a preacher. Then the wasp goes around killing people and Agatha Christie, the Doctor, and Donna have to figure out who keeps committing the murders. Of course, it isn't easy because (as with all of Agatha Christie's works) there are many, many suspects that all have secrets.
I love this episode because of the mystery and because it is set in the roaring twenties! I love that time period. The outfits were super cool and jazz was just starting to become prevalent. George M. Cohan was still preforming and producing on broadway. George Gershwin was composing...
This episode also got me interested in Agatha Christie and for that, I am thankful, because I really enjoy her books!
(It also has a hilarious scene where the Doctor is trying to expel poison from his system and he's miming to Donna and she's trying to guess what he means and she can't get it.... It's hysterical).
7. School Reunion.
This episode features the return of Sarah Jane - the 3rd/4th Doctor's companion and K-9, her robotic pooch!
Also, the return of Mickey, who figures out that he's the "tin dog" of the group - always called upon when needed and then disregarded when not needed. He determines to set out to change that (and ends up with a seat on the TARDIS!)
I really enjoyed this episode because it had Sarah Jane and K-9 in it.... and weird bat creatures. And the Doctor pretended to be a school teacher (I love when he does that). This episode has humor and an explosion. It is a very nice, nostalgic episode. It is sad that the lady who played Sarah Jane died last year.
6. Blink.
Need I say more?
I guess so.
This episode is brilliant. It is very timey wimey (this is the episode where we first get to hear that phrase, isn't it?) and doesn't really feature the Doctor and Martha at all.... It is the introduction to the Weeping Angels and it is VERY creepy. It's like something out of Alfred Hitchcock, and it is Steven Moffat at his best.
It's just so cool! I need to get it from Netflix again and re-watch it.
5. Gridlock.
In one of the first Martha episodes, she is kidnapped and taken on the motorway in New New York (well, actually it's New New New New New New New New New New New New New (give or take a few) York).
The only trouble is, the motorway just keep going round and round and no one ever gets out. And if you are granted permission to go into the fast lane, you are eaten by giant crabs.
The perpetual traffic jam.
I love this episode because of the cat family (pictured above with David Tennant... They have a bunch of adorable kittens).
Also because of the scene where the Doctor drops through a bunch of cars to try and find Martha. It's interesting to see who is all on the freeway.
There are a couple of bad things about this episode though.... namely the short shot of a couple driving their car naked (nothing is shown) as the Doctor drops by. Also a gay elderly couple.
All in all, it is a very interesting episode and an interesting concept - stuck in a small car for years and years and years. The family of cats was on the road for 12 years!
Also, the Face of Boe makes his final (?) appearance. He dies and it is sad... He also gives the Doctor a final message: you are not alone.
4. The Idiot's Lantern.
The Doctor rides a moped, Rose wears a snazzy dress, and people all over London are getting their faces sucked off by their TV's.
I love this episode. It was immediately one of my favorites and I can't even say why. Maybe it was the time period it was set in (the '50's? Somewhere around there) or maybe it was the way the Doctor was all protective over Rose... Or maybe it was the way he stood up to that guy who was yelling at his wife. The Doctor also quoted Mary Poppins so that was kind of cool...
3. Let's Kill Hitler.
The Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River Song go back in time to 1930's Germany, when Hitler was in power and the first World War about to start. We get to find out more of River Song's past and there is an epic spaceship thing that disguises itself as humans and shrinks people to fit inside.
I love the flashback of River growing up with Amy and Rory... It's so cute!
And the antibodies which are inside the spaceship thing are some of the coolest machines in Doctor Who! They are somewhat sinister as their main purpose is to kill unwanted guests.... But it's kind of funny at how they go about killing people. "You will feel a slight tingling sensation and then death. It is normal to experience fear while being disintegrated." That sort of thing.
2. Partners in Crime.

Because of the above part. BRILLIANT! I love it. And that poor lady stays tied to a chair the whole episode. xD She's not too happy. I love how the Doctor and Donna keep crossing each other and missing each other for the first half of the episode leading to their brilliant meeting.
And, drumroll..... NUMERO UNO!
1. The Doctor Dances (and, I suppose, The Empty Child, which goes along with it).
(Caution: spoilers)
One of my favorite TV show episodes EVER!
It has humor, character development, WWII, Glenn Miller.... And we get to meet Captain Jack Harkness and his super cool coat. Also has one of my favorite scenes....
And now I shall end because I really did not mean to go on and on and talk about Doctor Who for a loooong time. I guess I just thought you guys deserved a real "Top Tuesdays" 'cause the last few have been kind of wimpy.
Live long and prosper.

Monday, April 15, 2013

My writing plan.

I've been sitting here in the living room writing.... A rain shower just passed through and I was watching it. The trees were dancing and the ferns were rattling. The rain was coming down hard and sideways, pounding against the windows, begging to come in and get everything soggy.
Now the shower has passed and the sun is setting..... The world is a pinky-reddish color out the front window. In the back everything is standing out sharply against a backdrop of dark grayish-purple skies.
It's quite pretty.

A few days ago I mentioned a writing plan I had come up with.... I shall now present you with it so you guys can keep me accountable (and that I can keep myself accountable too!). I'll do this month by month (and just by the way... during all my own writing stuff, I will most definitely keep up the editing that my friend's give me to read! It really is an honor.):

April: Finish Camp NaNoWriMo.

May: Start work on Part One of After the Twelfth Night. Most of the stuff in here it just fine.... I just need to broaden it and make it a little bit longer - add some more character development.... that sort of thing.

June: Work with Mom on Part Two of After the Twelfth Night.

July: Finish up work on Part One and Part Two if needed.... And send off to those who have offered to edit/go through it for me (THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS!!!!) before July 14.

August: Wait for editors to send it back... lalalala... Once I receive the edited stuff, I shall start implementing the changes.

September: Go through, changing the things my editors think need to be changed (if I agree with them, hee hee :P). Then go through it one or two more times with my mom (and maybe have Daddy read through it once too).

October: See the above.

November: Hopefully publish on November 1 - the day that NaNoWriMo starts! Also, do NaNoWriMo.

December: Take a well deserved break from writing.

So there is my plan.

And just something random... I got the CUTEST socks at Wal-Mart today!