Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 12 and me rambling about music.

My mom started a blog awhile back and I secretly wanted to get a blog as well but never really told her.... Then one day she suggested it but I didn't get one for awhile. Then last fall sometime I finally made this blog. I had intended it to be mostly about my dolls but the other areas of my life have kind of seeped in... Oh well. =)

So remember I mentioned Haydn the other day? My piano teacher has me sight reading one of his pieces?
Well, this is NOT the piece.

I think this piece is so beautifully played! I really love it. So tonight I looked through the two Haydn books currently in my house and low and behold... I don't have the one up above, of course. That always happens, doesn't it?
And of course I couldn't find the sonata I'm playing on youtube... And I figured out why! I thought it was in F Major until I realized that FM has one flat... I was confusing it with DM, which is the key that the song really is in. So I looked up the song and there is a really famous Sonata in D by Haydn so I couldn't find the one I'm playing... Until now. Mwahahaha.
Here it is:

So far I'm only two pages in (until about 1 minute 20 seconds)... It's fun to play. I like Haydn.

I forgot to mention classical music in that music post for the 30 day challenge.... I listen to classical music while I'm writing and lots of other times as well. I love classical music, especially if it's classical piano. Sooo gorgeous. My favorites are "Rustle of Spring" by Sinding and "Prelude in C Sharp Minor" by Rachmaninoff. Oh! Oh! And the "Sonata in D Minor k. 517" by Scarlatti.
My dream is to play it on the harpsichord like this lady:

Ohhhh it's so pretty!! Sadly I can't find the music anywhere....

In saxophone lessons today I got my new Astor Piazzolla book. It's so fun! The first song is very easy but it's all a tease because almost all the other songs are SUPER difficult! 6 flats! I haven't even played in 6 flats on piano yet - let alone sax!

Anyway, I should go. I have a tendandy to ramble on about things and people stop listening after awhile. Music is one of the things I could go on and on and on about. So I'll stop before I get too carried away. =)

Live long and prosper.


  1. SIX flats?? That sounds...Painful. Good luck!

  2. I wish I was better at music but I can't get it no matter how much I try. (I sound like a broken record, but with dyslexia moving the notes all about, I've accepted the fact I can never be grand at it.) But I LOVE to listen to it. Which is why I want to come see you, so I can hear you in person. I think it would be such fun to hear you on the sax. And pianos are so lovely when one can play them. I love listening to them so much.
    I am glad you've been having fun with that one song 8-) I don't suppose you play something like a guitar?

    Steed says not to trust Tony, that he isn't as nice as he looks. Peter says not to trust Steed, and Tony says he would never snub so lovely a girl. (Ahem, heads up. Tony can't impress a girl to save his life, so if you complement him you risk him trying out his charm. Though it is not very bad, he can be very charming, when he isn't trying to he is smiling at me. This can't be good.)
    I think he is handsome too...I am amazed at Clair's abilities. It is, almost as if the characters just went to visit her and she drew them just how they look. They didn't even do that when I was trying to discribe them in the book. I will look at the drawing and then read what I wrote and go..."She captured you better then I did." But, this shouldn't surprise me. The only character who is kind to me is Peter.)

    I know, I can't stand cliche men now. I want to hurl my shoe at their heads. And how could a girl fancy a chap like that? I like gentlemen, the old fashioned kind who treated girls like ladies...though, to be fair I guess not many girls act like ladies now days. But yes, I am glad future men act like 60's men. I have hopes now of meeting a Maxwell Smart.

    Welcome to the, "We are only seeing Star Trek 2 for Benedict Cumberbach." We need tee shirts.

    Hm....maybe if I was as cute as Jane Thor wouldn't squish me with his hammer. Still, I should be careful. I don't need anymore close calls on death. I almost kill myself just fine on my own.
    That is funny. I thought of another cute actor too but I too forgot who he was. I will have to try and remember too.

    That is funny about you and your sax teacher 8-D I bet he is cool.

    Did you know David Tennant's favourite Doctor was Five. It always makes me giggle, because now he is his favourite Doctor's son in law.

    I heard they did push Tintin back 8-( It was supposed to start this summer or something. Now it isn't. This is probably the only reason I'm mad about three Hobbit movies. I want another Tintin!!

    I'm falling asleep. I should end this before my head hits my key board and all that you see is random letters.