Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 2: The meaning behind my blog's name. (And more!)

The meaning behind Dolls, Books, and Things That Matter isn't all that amazing, thought provoking, or inspiring.
Originally, I was going to blog mostly about my American Girl Dolls, what books I was reading, and things that mattered to me. And I suppose I'm still doing that... Things that matter doesn't necessarily mean things that matter to the whole world. It means things that matter to ME. Such as things I'm fond of (like sci-fi or music) and things that matter in the bigger picture.
I picked the name Dolls, Books, and Things That Matter because it sounded really catchy at the time. :P

And now something exciting: I CLEANED MY ROOM!!!
Previously my room looked like a tornado had gone through it.

Since May, things have been piling up in my room. I told myself, "I'm going to be away for practically two and a half months. Why don't I wait until August to clean my room? That's when we're going to be downsizing everything we own anyway."
So here it is. August. And I'm cleaning my room!

Half way through the process (aka everything from the floor gets moved onto my bed):

The bookshelf  (my major accomplishment of the day):
First I moved the books off of the bookshelf, onto the bed/desk, then to the floor for organization and then back onto the bookshelf!

I am SO amazed that I actually fit all the books!

My bookshelf is now very colorful and organized!
On the top is the Vancouver Sun books and some classics (Shakespeare, Pride and Prejudice, Kidnapped and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, The Swiss Family Robinson, and Robin Hood by Howard Pyle).
The second level has classics/some random other books (Sherlock Holmes, Doll People, Inkheart, Watership Down, Sharon Creech books, I Freddy series, The Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers, other random books).
The third level has Tintin, Christian books, comics, some puzzle books, and a Star Trek guide to the series.
The fourth level is all the Warriors books I own.
The final, lowest, level is all the American Girl Doll books I own.
Unfortunately, I have to sleep ON my bed tonight so I had to put everyone on my floor again because I couldn't get everything put away today. Tomorrow I shall finish.

I feel very accomplished. I'll show you more pictures when I actually finish my room.

My doll TARDIS still isn't finished... But I did dress up Ruthie as Nine and Linda as Rose!

Ruthie is holding a pen for lack of a better sonic screwdriver....

Live Long and Prosper!


  1. Do I see a TARDIS on your bed? Yes, I did. That makes me happy.

    Aw yes, Jack and I bare the same name. I might someday do a post on how all the characters got their names, probably soon. As for her and I, well, she doesn't have my name per say. Just HOW she got the name Jack, that is going to take a bit of thought because I, er, rather forgot. *Winces when she glares in shame.*

    I hope you cleaning goes well. I detest deep cleaning, so much time I could spend writing. But the end result is always worth it.

  2. Oh dear. MOM here. I am rather aghast that my daughter actually posted pictures of the disarray...until today I was thinking about calling the President for some national troops and disaster relief money.

    No, the rest of the house does not look like Abbey's room, at least not very often. Just don't go into the master bedroom...(cue the haunted music...)