Title: After the Twelfth Night
Genre: Adventure.
Synopsis: Antonio was a pirate, and now he's in jail for that long ago sea fight with the Duke. His friend, Sebastian, was supposed to bail him out of jail, but Sebastian has been kidnapped! Antonio promises Sebastian's wife that he will find her missing husband, but first he must get out of jail... In A.G. Werff's debut novel, you will find humor, heroes with sidekicks, villains with henchmen, pirates, love, peril, adventure, and lots of treasure!
State: Finished! As of November 1st 2013. You can find After the Twelfth Night HERE for $15.25 or on Amazon HERE. (eBook coming soon)
Other: My first novel to write (and complete). It's a "continuation" or Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, though both can be read on their own. I played Antonio in 2009 and wondered what happened to him at the end of the play, so I wrote a book about it.

Works in Progress-
Title: You Don't Find Them, They Find You. (Daniel and Varina #1)
Genre: Espionage.
Synopsis: The year is 2022 and Daniel Adams - the best code breaker in the world - is sent to America by the British Federal Intrigue to aid in a super secret mission: get an audience with GiGi Knight and find the security code that unlocks the door to Liberace's museum before the Wolf's evil minions.
State: Unedited. Sitting in a document at 50,000 words. NaNoWriMo 2012. No current plans to edit any time soon.
Other: One of the most fun things I've ever written. It's filled with me trying to describe the Gershwin music I was listening to during the writing process and with Liberace and with way too many pop culture references.

Title: A Pretty Face Can Hide an Evil Mind. (Daniel and Varina #2)
Genre: Espionage.
Synopsis: Daniel and Varina must go undercover to save the world's governments from collapse.
State: Unedited. Sitting in a document at 50,000 words. NaNoWriMo 2013. No current plans to edit any time soon.
Other: The title comes from a theme song called "Secret Agent Man." This is probably the worst piece of writing that has ever eeked from my fingers since it came right after lots of After the Twelfth Night editing, and it's publication. I was wiped out and only just managed to get through NaNoWriMo. Also contains a character named Giuseppe, which is just a cool name.

Title: Partners in (Solving) Crime. (Daniel and Varina #3)
Genre: Espionage.
Synopsis: The Big Boss has been kidnapped over Christmas break! Daniel and Varina must leave their vacation to go and find him.
State: Unedited. Sitting in a document at 50,000 words. Camp NaNoWriMo April 2013. No current plans to edit any time soon.
Other: This was also very fun to write, like the first book (and unlike the second). Fun mostly 'cause I got to introduce two of my favorite characters ever to write with (though I say that about nearly every character...).

Title: Untitled.
Genre: Fairytale/fantasy.
Synopsis: Concerning a tower, a princess, a rescue, a Hag, and a cat named Alonzo.
State: This book is in the process of being pre-edited... aka, I'm working my way up to editing it.

Title: Untitled
Genre: Fairytale retelling
Synopsis: Rosalynn was a sickly baby but is fine now, so why do her parent lock her away in her room? When a young man named George accidentally barges into her room, they start up a harmless friendship. But, is it really as harmless as they think, or are Rosalynn's parents right to lock her away from the rest of the world?
State: I've finished the rough draft; it is now sitting in its notebook, waiting to be edited.
Other: This is a sci-fi Sleeping Beauty retelling for the Five Enchanted Spindles contest.

Most prominent ideas-
Title: Keep Calm and Do as the Londoners Do. (Daniel and Varina #4)
Genre: Espionage.
Other: Could also be called "Daniel and Varina go to London."

Working title: The Night Before. (Daniel and Varina #5)
Genre: Espionage.
Other: DUN DUN DUN! The end of the series... Certain persons die. MWAHAHA.

Title: Untitled.
Genre: Steampunk/sci-fi
Synopsis: Involving a pair of inventing twins. And possibly aliens.
Other: Currently, this has a lot of thought put into characters and the beginning of books #1 and... #3? #4? Needs a more substantial plot and an easy November month to get written for NaNoWriMo. Maybe in a few years? Because I'm really excited for these books.

Working Title: Catriona's Café
Genre: Sci-fi/space opera
Synopsis: Concerning an out-of-the-way space diner.
Other: Needs excessive universe planning and character building (namely, that my characters need names).

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