Thursday, August 30, 2012

"Do you have a blues band?" "Er, no..." "Too bad, he digs the blues."

"....and see me do some major dancing on your FACE!"

The Cosby Show: equals one of the best television shows ever. It's so good it deserves a double post day. And the theme songs rock as well. I can't decide which I like better.... Season 4 (which I posted above) or season 6 (which I am posting below). Listen to them both, which do you like better?

"That's the best elevator music I ever heard!"

You said it Cosby.

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  1. Tintin made it first on your favourite book list 8-D Yes, I am grinning like a geek.

    The Cosby Show is such fun! He cracks me up. And I love the theme songs. I think I like all of them as a tie.