Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Great Scotland Yard! I've been tagged!

Before I do the tag from the lovely Miss Jack.... I am going to do the first day of the 30 day challenge.

Day 1: 15 interesting things about you.
Goodness... I hate these. I'm running out of interesting/random things about myself! So instead, I am just going to bore you with 15 interesting facts about life, the universe, and everything.

1. Did you know that the same little girl who played Little Rose in the Doctor Who episode Father's Day is the SAME little girl who plays Little Fanny in Mansfield Park starring Billie Piper? The same little girl also plays a little version of Billie Piper in another movie. And they aren't even related!

2. The lyrics to Canada's National Anthem DO NOT go like this- "Oh Canada... lalalalalala."

3. Sound has to have a medium to travel through so the sound can wobble and make it so we can hear things. <---- my science lesson for today.

4. Abraham Lincoln grew up in a small cabin and used to read by firelight while everyone else was fast asleep. He would read anything he could get his hands on.

5. By the time George Washington was 17, he was a land surveyor.

6. You know Lafayette from the Revolutionary War? His real name is Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de La Fayette. He came to America to help us fight the Revolutionary War when he was 20 and remained a good friend of General Washington his whole life.

7. General George Washington preferred being called "General" not "President" because a presidency only last so many years. When you are a general, you are a general forever. I thought that was kind of interesting because in the movie "White Christmas" there is a song and it goes like this, "What happens to a general, when he stops being a general...."

8. Gouda cheese is NOT pronounced, "goo-da." It is pronounced, "Gow-da." Gouda is a Dutch cheese. It bugs me to DEATH when people don't pronounce it right. If you want to get really technical and say it the Dutch was, it's pronounced, "How-da" with the H sound rolled.

9. Another thing that bugs me to death is when, on the cover of a book, the author's name is HUGE and the title of the book is so tiny you have to search for it.

(I have never read any of these books. I have no idea what they are about or if they are good or not.)

10. J.R.R. Tolkien wrote quite a few books for his children. Such books include "Roverandom" (a book about a toy that his son lost on the beach), and "Mr. Bliss" (which is both written and illustrated by Tolkien. Great book if you can find it!).

11. C.S. Lewis never had any children of his own.

12. Holland's National Anthem is all about how Germany is the better country with better people... or something. No wonder Holland got occupied during World War 2!

13. When Andy Serkis first saw the model for his character Gollum (from Lord of the Rings) he said it looked like a mixture of his grandfather and his newborn baby. Poor kid....

14. When I get married, I am wearing a dress with sleeves just for Grama!

15. Every frame in the Tintin movie took 4-5 hours to animate. There are 24 frames per second. It is a hour and a half long movie. That's a lot of work!

(Look at all the detail!)

Now, on to the tag! Here are the rules:

1. Tag five others and write a line or two on why you like their blog.

2. If tagged post your five favourite words.
3. Make up five questions for the persons you tag, and answer the five the person who tagged you asked you. (Did I confuse you or what?)
I am going to do those a little out of order....
My five favorite words:
1. Flabbergasted.
2. Lolloping.
3. Hugger-mugger.
4. 42 (not a word exactly....)
5. Theater is a pretty fun word to. And musical.
5 questions from Miss Jack:
1. Have you seen the Lizzie Bennent Diaries?
Nope, but I've heard of them!

2. Would you wear bell bottom pants, a funky coloured sweater, and a huge wig and go about pretending you have master time travel?
Yes, absolutely. My friends already think I'm crazy. Why not make them right?
3. Have you ever pretended you were a Jedi and used the force to open the sliding doors at the store?
Nope, but my dad does it at work. xD And my cousin does it with the fob to get into my Grama's building.

4. Do you have any quirky characteristics that match Monk's?
I had to go look him up to answer these questions. Haha.... Anyway, I'm a bit OCD, although I do not have it. I am VERY particular how far my door should be closed at night. And the closet has to always be closed as well.

5. Would you ice skate with really sharp skates just to see if you could slice a hole in the ice?
Maybe, but then the Zamboni guy would get angry at me.
My five questions:
1. Do you like BBQ chips?
2. If you could have one person over for dinner (real or fictional), who would it be?
3. Do you find Paul from the Bible inspirational?
4. Have you ever had braces?
5. Which CD are you looking most forwards to? TobyMacs new CD, Skillet's announced new CD, or Tenth Ave. North's CD?
I tag:
Jessica at Authorly Insane (and you don't have to do that other tag.... Just do this one. It's easier). I like her blog because it's authorly and has great short stories on it!
Jen at Love Life. Because she's my friend. I'm required to like her blog. xD And it's random and fun and pink!
Clair at Working Title. I like Clair's blog because it has airplanes and blog posts about writing and all sorts of fun stuff! Plus Clair is very sweet.
Aaaaaannd that's it.
Live Long and Prosper!


  1. I am glad you are studying your science... and that you know the Canadian Anthem... and that you like the word 42(not a word exactly...)

  2. I decided to do the tag questions that you posted above. Hope you don't mind.
    Love, ShiningHisLight97