Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fish are friends, not food.

I couldn't resist.

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  1. Doctor! Read the signs!

    The first actress is the girl who plays Pepper Potts. I am being lazy and not looking up her name...the second is from Stardust. No...but...she does look a bit like Mary now that you mention it. Did you know Mary was in the new Pride and Prejudice? She played Bingley's sister. I thought she was in a Doctor Who, but that's the girls from North and South.

    You're right! Those two actors do look alike! Wow! I had two more but I spaced them...oh yes! The chap who plays Coulson and that famous fellow who plays Agent K from Men in Black and the captain, general ish dude from Captain America when he was younger.

    You're two opposite characters sound like a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!! I bet they were fun to write!

    Oh my! Yes forty is a lot. I've been looking all over for the Mrs. Peel collection but it costs so much I doubt I'll be able to buy them. I'm so glad for Netflix. Oh...Doctor Who is on Itunes, a whole season for just ten dollars if you catch it at the right time.

    Have you got to Rose's family tree? Her's can get a bit complex as well.
    My friend and I like The Christmas Invasion! I had a bit of trouble liking Ten at first because I loved Nine, but I'd already seen the ginger scene so when I FINALLY got to watch it all through I was so happy and warmed up to him right away. I missed The Hitchhikers reference! I need to watch it again. I LOVED the bit where he started quoting The Lion King! I laughed so hard.

    Oh yes, Sherlock's second season. It still makes me want to cry. Moffat and the others did SUCH a brilliant job with the first. I was watching bits of it last night and it is amazing. They put in so much work and detail. The actors said more with their expressions then with words. The ending scene in the last episode was amazing. And is almost like they said, "Oh well, let's just get this over with." Or, didn't get any sleep while they wrote season two. The first one, oh it is so horrible. I agree, it is too rushed. And Adler...I think Moffat could have made her brilliant. And he made her the worse Adler ever. Oh she was horrible!!!!!!!! I'm still having issues with Moffat. I see his picture online and glare at's a good thing he lives in England.
    Oh! If you happen to find his death online, Sherlock's, can you please send me the link? I'd like to watch it now I think.

    Oh yes! I too plan to make ginger bread men in read shirts 8-D

    How did the driving go?