Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 5: Somewhere I've visited.

Our nation's capitol and my favorite place on the trip my mom, grama and I took in June.
Of course, it was probably my favorite because we were staying with my great-uncle who had a piano AND an organ in his beautiful apartment. No more motels!

So long and thanks for all the fish!


  1. I want to go there sometime, and sit behind the desk the Doctor did and say, "I need maps, troupes, Jammie Dodgers, and a Fez."

    So long and thanks for all the fish...UG! I know what that is from, but I don't remember. What is it?

    YES! I will defeat my flat...or die trying. I keep cracking my head on my bed and ramming my elbows into the glass door of the shower. So far it is winning the battles. made me giggle. I keep trying to imagine Tintin's expression if he saw someone in a spedo.

  2. This is in answer to your comment which was in answer to my comment which was in answer to your comment, which was in answer to mine...I think.

    It took my sister and I FOREVER to figure out what a Jammie Dodger is, but we finally discovered it. It is a cookie. One of those plain cookies, like short bread, with jelly in the middle. Never had one, but I plan to.

    Oh yes! The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! Now I remember! Thanks!

    I think the fez will do it. Fezes always help win wars.

    I know!!!!!!! I really wanted to know how Alph-Art was supposed to end! Some think he was going to kill Tintin but I doubt it. I mean, Tintin escaped worse things then just being shot. I think Haddock would have saved him, or Snowy...though likely Tintin would have gotten out on his own. I need to find the original book somewhere. It's a pity he didn't leave fact filled notes like Toilken so someone could finish it later. (Someone did finish it but I rather think they killed it. WHAT WAS WITH THE GIRL?!) This is one of those things in life that shall always make me sad, an unfinished Tintin book.

  3. When I go to America I plan to do a lot of travelling and hopefully see a lot of famous sights. I'm assuming you took that picture yourself...?

    Do you play the piano (or the organ or both)? I'm trying to learn, but I'm a bit of a stubborn student. :P

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