Thursday, August 16, 2012

Day 9: Something I'm proud of that I accomplished recently.

I have three.... First off is the completion of the re-write of my novel. Is it strange that right as I finished, the song "It's been a Hard Day's Night" by the Beatles started to play?

Second, my room is much cleaner, although not completely clean yet.... I'm glad that I got all my dolls dressed and put on their shelves where they belong. But I'm even MORE proud of myself for getting rid of half of my stuffed animals! That was a huge undertaking as I have many stuffed animals and most of them are very dear to me. However, in the end I have gotten rid of about half of them. Some are going to the local children's hospital and some are going to the thrift store. Now I'm gonna go work on all the Barbie stuff that has been sitting in the attic for the past few years....

The third thing I am proud that I accomplished recently is a five strand braid on my AG doll's hair.

I watched THIS video to find out how to do it and now I will teach you! (although the video is better if you actually want to do it on a doll or a person).

Ahhhh!! Is that Cousin Itt?

Oh no... It's just Kaya and her crazy long hair!!

Before you start doing a five strand braid... before you start any hairstyle on an American Girl Doll, wet her hair with a squirt bottle filled with water.

Then brush the hair out. If the doll has longer hair like Kaya or Kanani, brush small sections at a time, starting at the bottom and working your way up.

Now to start the braid. Separate the hair into five sections.

Take hold of the five sections as best you can (it's tricky... I can't figure it out...). Take the strand to the far left and put it over the next strand and then under the middle strand like so:

Do the same thing to the right side. Take the strand on the far right and put it over the next strand and under the middle strand, which was the farthest left strand. Continue doing this, left, right, left, right, until the braid is finished! It should look something like this:

I had so much fun with the first braid that I did a second one on Josefina! This is more what it's supposed to look like I think.....

Anyway, I'm dying to try it on a person. Someone out there try it on a friend or family member and tell me how it goes!

Live long and prosper.


  1. "She wasn't throwing you away! She was putting you in the attic."
    "Will you be okay, Jessie?" "Yes, I know about Buzz's Spanish mode." "My what?"

    I like that braid! I want to try it on myself someday. I love braids. They are so pretty.

  2. Come on, hair! Grow! Grow! Grow


    I'd let you braid my hair but it just isn't co-operating.

  3. Shh, don't tell my mother or she'll attack me with a comb and try that braid out on me! (Though more likely on my sis, whose hair is much longer and more willing to be braided than my own.)