Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 11... sort of.

Day 11 is supposed to be "favorite restaurant" but I don't really have one.... So instead I'm going to talk a bit about my early writing.
Mom says that since I was a little girl I was narrating everything and today when I looked through a box of old papers/drawings that I did, I can totally see that.... There are at least half a dozen short stories written out by Daddy and narrated by me. ("I love cats and dogs because Mommy is allergic to them, but I don't mind." It is accompanied by a drawing of, I'm guessing, my mom who has one arm, a round belly with a belly button, and a huge nose. Underneath her is a cat causing her allergies.)
My favorite remains a story I wrote that is two and a half pages long written in barely legible handwriting by yours truly when she was 7 or 8.
It is titled, "the wummin woi DiD not sPik." By aBygel. Now, my real name is NOT Abigail so I have no idea why I put that.
This is how the story went (don't worry, I'm going to fix the spelling mistakes!).

The Woman who did not speak.
By Abbey

Once in a village there lived a woman who did not speak. The woman had two girls and eight boys.
The govenor said, "If you can't speak, then your kids will be taken away."
The mom wanted to say something but she couldn't. She went to a school and learned how to say these words, "Give me back my kids."
When she said that to the govenor, he said, "No." She did not answer. The govenor said, "She can't speak another word," he said. "You will be taken to jail and never come out. Ha ha ha ha ha."
The govenor is a bad guy so the woman went to jail. But what I forgot to tell you is that the mom was really able to speak when she is able to have 11 kids she had to have her voice back. Then one evening on Christmas she had a set of twins and she got her voice back and her kids.
The end.

How about all of you? How long have you all been writing? Do you have any early stories that you care to share? =)

Live long and prosper.


  1. Oh my gosh that's the cutest thing. I love it! Especially the bit about "I forgot to tell you..." You had a lot of talent, even then ;)

    I've been writing since I was about eleven -- or at least, that's when I was really serious about it.

    No favourite restaurant? Me neither. I don't care one way or another as long as the food tastes good :P

  2. Such an adorable story, Streaky!

    I've been writing since...a long well, and I think the first book I remember writing was about a girl in China who ran away to live in a valley with a flying unicorn and all the woodland creatures. I think I wrote it with some friends, but I'm not sure if it was that story or another one that I no longer have.