Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 14: A picture of my bookshelf.

Mwahahahaaa.... Neatly orginized.


  1. Haha, it looks WAY better than mine. Your room is cute, I love the purple :)

  2. Your book shelf looks so much nicer then mine. (In fact...I have books spilling all about my room. Not that I mind. It makes me feel more authory. Though I suppose it should make me feel more geeky.)

    I drank lots. You know how it is, sometimes when you get sick everyone in the world decides they need you and it is a matter of life and death? That's how this one was. So, I didn't get much sleep. But I hope to make up for it soon and fall over, not move for a week. Thankfully Peter kept everyone in line so I didn't have to deal with them, aside from my feeble editing attempt that line.

    I am glad you like Isidore's name. My brother helped me name him, back when he was in another book. I had trouble convincing everyone Isidore was a boy's name. That might explain his grumpiness. Out of all the pairs that teamed up in the books, Isidore and Jack was the most interesting and complex. I liked doing them together since they were so completely opposite.

    Uklele's make me think of Eugine...I spelled his name wrong. But his, "My. Dog. Has. Flees." If you play one you should play that song.

    Trusting Peter and Tony over Steed is wise...he's glaring over my shoulder as I write this. As for Tony's girl troubles, I'm tempted to email you a spoiler about that. *Smirk* My sister and I had such fun planning it out, and were a bit mean to Tony about the whole thing.

    I too cannot wait to see the rest of Clair's drawings! She has been putting such amazing detail into them. I sometimes wonder how she can come up with such lovely scenes from something I wrote.

    Oh cool! Did you see The Avengers with Mrs. Peel? My family is quite mean to the girl Steed has after her, Tara King. I mean, she is nice and all, but next to Mrs. Peel...yeah. I haven't seen any before Mrs. Peel. If I find them I plan to watch them, but from what I read Steed was much more serious in the first seasons, which is sad. I like him best with his weird sense of humor. Oooo! And you found them for sell?! I would not have made it out of that store with any money left in my pocket.

    Yes 8-D Tennant's wife did play his daughter in one of the shows. So...he is the son in law of himself, married to his daughter...and is now the fahter of his grandchildren? Now, that is a more complex family then the 11th Doctor.

    I hope Jackson will feel bad and give us Tintin 2013. I think he owes us after the spiders. I don't think he will agree, but I can hope. At least I know he will make it. As big a TIntin geek as he is I don't think he'd back out of it.

    I thought that too about 2011 and 12 being big for movies. The Avengers was going to be big I knew. Sadly, Tintin should have been bigger in the States. N one knew what they missed! I hope the third season of Sherlock makes up for this one...I mean, the first one, show. I still need to watch him die.
    I'm also excited for the 50th Doctor Who show. Even if they did cast Cumberbach as the Master when all the world knew he should have been the 12th Doctor. So sad, he woudl have been fantastic.

    Now I should go to bed, before I fall asleep and type in my sleep. Which I have done before.