Meet the dolls!

Sometime, when I was 6 or 7 I was introduced to American Girl Dolls. Several of my friends had American Girl Dolls and I was in love with them!
At first I wanted Kaya, the Indian girl; Samantha was my second favorite.
My cousin found out that I wanted an American Girl Doll but my parents weren't going to get me one (because, at the time, they cost $95. Now they cost $110). My cousin then proceeded to dig out her old Samantha doll which she had never played with, and gave her to me! I was eccstatic!
Several months later Jenna the Bitty Baby joined the family... I bought her with my own money! My 9 year old self was very proud.
Thus started my collection.... Since then I have collected all the historical dolls from "my time" (AKA, the first original eight dolls) and several others!

(Meet the dolls, in the order that I bought them.) 
Samantha Ruth Adams (Parkington).
The musician. She wants to be a concert pianist. She loves being with her (large) family and many friends. Samantha is serious-minded and quiet, but very playful when you get to know her.

Jenna the Bitty Baby.
(no picture)

Kirsten Kathryn Larson.
Kirsten is most at home around the fire, with her family, doing crafts, sharing stories, and helping her younger brothers. She also loves to help on the family's farm - especially liking to care for the baby animals.

Margaret Mildrid "Kit" Kittredge.
Kit loves sports and being a tomboy. That's why she surprised her friends greatly when she began pursuing a career on the stage! She loves doing plays and musicals and has even starred in a movie.

Ruthie Kate Smithens.
Ruthie loves fashion and wants to be a modest clothing designer. Also the only doll my parents bought for me.

Felicity Elizabeth Merriman.
Felicity enjoys people watching and hopes to either be a detective when she grows up, or a detective writer.

Addison "Addy" Michelle Walker.
Addy loves to dance and also to cook in her parents restaurant.

Juliet Celeste Smit.
Outgoing, eccentric and bubbly, Juliet loves to laugh. She plays jazz saxophone, sings all the time, and writes novels. She LOVES sci-fi.

Molly Joann McIntire.
The math and science girl. She also enjoys strategy board games with Kit. (Her favorite is North American Rails).

Very interested in history and her tribe's culture.

Jamie Beatrice Jefferson.
Jamie loves to play soccer. Her parents are missionaries so she has travelled all over the world and had adventures for the Lord. Now she lives with her grandma in the States while her parents are over seas. Jamie loves to debate and can usually win. She is very smart.

Jess Antonia McConnel.
Jamie's best friend. She enjoys playing soccer with Jamie... But also loves to model for Ruthie. She enjoys adventures and hopes to be an archaeologist or paleontologist.

Josefina Dominica Montoya.
Josefina has fun with her large family and loves to help out. She enjoys doing hair and being with people.

Rena Wilhelmina Ezri Deborah Parker.
Rena is in a wheelchair and loves to play wheelchair basketball.

Esther Bitty Baby.
(no picture)

Linda Rose Meagan Cohan.
Just like her namesake, Linda McCartney (Paul McCartney's wife), Linda loves photography and is always taking pictures of the world around her. Linda comes from England and is now in the States living with her cousin Kit (and, of course, her uncle and aunt). She also plays guitar and is very friendly but soft spoken.