Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 7: A picture of someone/something that has a big impact on me.

This guy and his book have the biggest impact on me and my life:

I am also impacted by my piano teacher and my friend who I shall call "Ms. E" (no, she's not married to Mr. Elton). And my parents are big impacts on my life.
These guys impact/influence my writing (especially the first guy!).

I also think the TV shows and movies I watch and the books I read have a big impact on my life which I don't necessarily think is always a good thing....

I had a million things to blog about today but they've seemed to all float out of my brain.... So I'll talk about music.
In piano lessons my teacher gave be some Haydn to sight read and in saxophone lessons my homework was even easier: go onto youtube and look up and listen to some Astor Piazzolla. If I like him, I'll start an Astor Piazzolla sax book next week.
I like him!
Astor Piazzolla has strange music. Upright bass, violin, piano, and a concertina type thingy.

My sax teacher says that the boys usually hate his stuff but the girls love it. Since I fall into the category "girl" I love his music. I like odd sounding music and this is very odd! It's kind of tango mixed with jazz mixed with classical. Here is some Astor Piazzolla on saxophone (it sounds CRAZY difficult!)

Piazzolla's music sounds like a mix of the Sherlock Holmes movie soundtrack and the first song on the Tintin soundtrack to me.... and I find his music strangely Sherlocky.

Live Long and Prosper!

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  1. I wish I was better at music. I've never had much talent for it. The extent I can do is pluck away on my banjo string, loosing myself on all the cords. (I think if I wasn't dyslexic it might help ;-D.) I want to come and hear you play the sax sometime. I don't like saxs much but I think you would sound brilliant on it.

    Herge. *Grin*