Saturday, September 10, 2011

Youth Group Kickoff

This morning I was allowed to sleep in until 9:00. Yay!
Today was my Youth Group's Fall kickoff party. It didn't start until 1:15 so I had a long, uneventful morning in front of me... I worked on my novel for a bit (only 10 pages left to edit! =D ) and also did science with my dad. I spent the rest of my morning surfing the net. Finally 1:00 came... Oh no! I had forgotten to water the neighbors plants!! While they are away on vacation, I had promised them I would water their plants each day so they wouldn't die. I hurried over to their house and started watering immediately. Man do they have a LOT of plants... It seemed to take longer than it did partly because I was watering in 80+ degree weather and I was wearing jeans (due to the fact that the first part of the youth kickoff was at an ice rink). Finally I finished and ran back to my house, sweaty and hot. After a quick change of shoes Dad and I headed off to church where we were meeting the rest of the youth. Shortly after we left for the ice rink where we were to play broom hockey.
Broom hockey is SO fun!! I was on the red team and stayed near our goal protecting it most of the time. Yes, I fell... Yes, it hurt... Yes, I will be sore tomorrow. No, my team did not win. Oh well, I had a LOT of fun. =D
After that the youth group went to a nearby park to go swimming in the pool and to have a BBQ. Swimming was fun. I believe we stayed in about two hours... I was a prune by the time I got out.
I ate a hot dog, as I am not fond of hamburgers. There were also Doritos and watermelon (yummy!) and Oreos!
For the last ten or so minutes I was taken for a walk by our youth group mascot. She's an adorable little red-headed 1-year old baby who is the daughter of one of my youth leaders.
When I got I home I practiced my saxophone and took a well needed shower... Now I sit watching the show Stargate and typing this... I'm sooo tired I can barely think about writing full sentences the right way so I apologize for any mistakes.

And now, a cute video of Rosey playing with another treat (with all the treats we've been giving her she's becoming quite fat).

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