Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dolls in trees

I take a lot of pictures of my dolls in trees.... It's something I started while in Minnesota this past Summer. Since then, every time I do a photoshoot of a doll I take at least one picture of them in a tree.
This is the beautiful Jess in... a tree. I believe this is the second picture I took of a doll in a tree... It might be the first. I can't remember.

And here is Kirsten, wearing her Lady Olivia costume for my Twelfth Night production, in... a tree.

I believe this is the first picture of a doll in a tree. It is Jess and I absolutely LOVE this picture of her! Of course, I love all pictures of Jess... She is a gorgeous doll.

Here is a picture that I took today of Jess in a, surprise surprise, a tree!

And the last picture, it's Jess again, in a tree.

So there you have it, dolls in trees! More to come in the future... ;p

Right after I post this I am going to work on the other page on this blog "Meet the Dolls". Make sure to check it out tomorrow, when it should be finished.

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