Thursday, September 8, 2011

Perelandra and Rosey

Since this is Dolls, BOOKS, and Things that matter, I thought I'd better tell you all what I'm reading.
Currently I am reading two books. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe; I am reading it for my upcoming classes.
The second book is "Perelandra" by C.S. Lewis. Perelandra is the second book in Lewis's space trilogy.
The first book ("Out of the Silent Planet") starts with the main character, Ransom, walking around the country side on what is called a "walking tour". Lewis liked to take these to; he was often accompanied by his brother. We follow Ransom as two professors kidnap him and bring him to Mars via spaceship. On Mars, or Malacandra as it's called by it's inhabitants, Ransom runs away from his kidnappers because he overheard he was going to be a Human sacrifice.
In the second book Ransom goes, on his own accord, to Perelandra (Venus). I'm on the 8th chapter, I believe. Let me tell you, it is SO hard to read!! It's SO deep. I think that Lewis's characters are talking about God and faith and creation but they're almost talking in metaphors so it's kind of hard to understand at times. It's fascinating, though. I love it.
One of the elements of the book that I'm really enjoying is Ransom's attitude towards the new things he encounters on both Mars and Venus. He discovers things as if he's a baby discovering his toes or fingers for the first time. He's in great wonder at the things on other planets and experiences things with innocence, like a child. In sci-fi TV shows things are very much different. You see a lot of the same things as you see on our planet... Trees, furry beasts, even Human-like aliens.
More about this book coming soon; when I actually finish it! =)

And now just cute video of Rosey playing with a treat.

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