Monday, September 5, 2011

"First" day of school.

Today was my official "first" day of homeschool, although my co-op classes don't start until the 20th.
The day started with my alarm waking me up at 8:00. While discussing the upcoming school year with my mom we decided I would be getting up at 8:00 every morning.... So far so good. Although it wasn't so much getting up as rolling out of bed with a grunt...
Moving on.
My Mom and I are going through the book of Acts in the Bible. Currently, our pastor is also going through Acts in his sermons. We are about 11 chapters behind him.
Today we read about Paul and Barnabas preaching in Pisidion Antioch. I remember our pastor's sermon on the verses we read... It was very good.
The Archaeological Study Bible we own is very interesting. It has pictures and facts about the places and people in the Bible.

Next in the day came math. Math is my weakest subject... I am trying to get through this math book (nearly finished!) by the start of my classes.
Teaching Textbooks is a very good curriculum. It comes with CDs that go into the computer that explain everything in the book. And if you mess up, it explains what you did wrong and how to fix it.
Since I don't understand math, the CDs work really well for me.

After math on the computer I did Dutch on the computer with the program Rosetta Stone. I enjoy Dutch where you repeat what the program says and hope you get the pronunciation right.
Today I learned, "Mijn trou is bruin"
Or, "My sweater is brown"
Not too hard....

After that I took a break for a lunch of a polish hotdog on a hoagie bun with ketchup, mayonnaise, and potato chips. Although no the healthiest it tasted good!
After lunch I did some creative writing with a writing kit my friend gave me for my birthday. It gives you a prompt for everyday of the year and you have to write a short story or poem or report about the first thing the prompt puts in your mind. Sorry the picture is sideways... I can't fix that.

Science is my second least favorite subject.
My dad does science with me and today we learned about water... Well, we were supposed to be learning about water. But instead this chapter was about gasses and how to categorize molecules (at least... I think they were molecules).

My mom showed me this piano/solo song a few months ago. I sung while she played and then I decided I wanted to play it. I haven't thought about this song since then... Until today. I pulled it out and played and fell back in love with it. It has a fun piano part and singing part is gorgeous and has very joyous lyrics about Christ rising from the dead.

After science I played this board game with Dad. He won...

And then we played this board game. He won again.... (Sorry about the quality of the picture... I don't know what happened).

I also played my saxophone tonight. I have been playing the same song for three weeks. Not because I can't pass it off, but because my teacher hasn't had me play the song yet. Oh well, it's a hard song, I'm grateful for the extra time to practice it.

Oh look! A cute dog!

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