Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Skillet, a sneak preview, and my first day of class.

Because a few of my friends like the Christian heavy rock band Skillet I thought I would post some clips from the Skillet concert I went to over the Summer. Those who don't like rock bands and static-y/bad video quality because the music was so loud, don't watch this video.
Please excuse my singing (on "Happy Birthday Korey"), my "Daddy?" at the end of the violin solo clip, and my frantic "fan girl" screaming at the beginning of the last clip (I'm not gonna spoil it for my friends who are reading this =D)

And here is a sneak preview clip from my upcoming Twelfth Night American Girl Doll production!

I had my first day of classes today. I think they went rather well, if I do say so myself. Today it was mostly getting to know people and getting to know the structure of class. I can't wait until next week.
This week's writing assignment/opinion paper is "Where do your allegiances lie and why?"
Right now my thoughts are, "First and foremost my allegiances lie with God and then with family and friends." I will try construct a paper around those thoughts.
Until tomorrow...

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