Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Orthodontist and only God is awesome

Around four years ago I walked into my orthodontist's office for the first time. I can just imagine being a bit frightened about what was going to happen to my mouth... I had an expander put on the top of my mouth. My mom had to use a little wrench to turn it every day. Slowly it moved my teeth out and made my mouth bigger. A little less than a year later I got something stuck underneath my expander and couldn't get it out. It was very painful. My mom took me to the orthodontist and he took my expander off a month early (yay!). After that I had a retainer for awhile. After the retainer I had headgear to wear at night. Finally, not even two years ago, after a very long process, I got my braces on.
This morning I got some joyous news... I will get my braces off at my next appointment! =D Six weeks is a long time to wait...
When I first got my expander off I couldn't stop feeling the top of my mouth, since I hadn't felt it for nearly a year. I think I will have the same sensation when my braces come off and I can feel my teeth once more.

Can you believe I can't find any AD songs on Youtube?? Instead I use Grooveshark, a website my saxophone teacher told me about. You can look up any song or artist and listen to their music for free. It doesn't even require an account. Plus, it's legal.
Now I sit listening to the song "You are the distance" by the band AD. I find the lyrics to be very true. I especially like the chorus:

You are the distance, but oh, so near.
How can the one I love be the one I fear?
There is no peace 'till You choose to appear.

Perhaps I will listen to a bit of Ken Medema... He is a truly amazing artist. He sings tell Bible stories and the piano just flies under his fingers... It's hard to imagine he's blind and can't see the keys. One of my favorite songs from Ken Medema is "Sittin' in the Window Prayin'" which tells the story of Ananias "Sittin' by the window prayin', waitin' for the break of day" when God calls him and tells him to go to to Saul and talk to him. Ananias is shocked "Don't you know that he's got orders from Jerusalem to put us all in jail? Don't you know that he's got orders from Jerusalem to run us out of town on a rail? Don't you know that he's got orders from the powers in Jerusalem... Do you know all that? Do you want me to go still?" In the end he goes (but he stops to buy a bagle). When he reaches the place where Saul is he rubs the mixture of mud on his eyes and "Instead of a enemy, see's a friend." It is truly a wonderful song and a wonderful telling of the Bible story.
My other favorite Ken Medema song is "Wade in the Water". Two semesters ago when I found out we would be singing Wade in the Water in choir I was overjoyed. It was lovely, but not like Ken's version. In Ken's version he changes some of the words to tell the story of the man healed by, I believe it was the disciples. The man had been lame for 45 years (I think... I haven't listened to the song for a few months) and then one day he was healed and was able to walk into the healing fountain. Ken Medema's version is breathtaking... His piano skills are amazing. Parts of the song sound like rushing water. He truly has a God-given talent.

As I listen to these powerful songs I reminded of something my pastor has said in church a number of times.
"Only God is awesome."
Since hearing that in his sermons I try to use the word "awesome" less and only save it for when I am describing God. If you think about it, awesome should only be a word for God.
Webster's 1828 dictionary of the English language (it's huge, but the best dictionary around) describes awe as: " Fear mingled with reverence and admiration. Reverential fear."
As Christians, we fear God (Psalm 19:7-11 "The law of Yahweh is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of Yahweh are trustworthy, making wide the simple. The precepts of Yahweh are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of Yahweh are radiant, giving light to the eyes. The fear of Yahweh is pure, enduring forever. The ordinances of Yahweh are sure and altogether righteous. They are more precious than gold, than much pure gold; they are sweeter than honey, than honey from the comb. By them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward.") in reverence and admiration.
As I said above, I try to use the word "awesome" less. Instead I say "cool" or "amazing". Sometimes "awesome" seems like the only word to fit what I'm trying to describe and I use it... But I feel a nagging in my heart as if I've said something wrong.
Only God is awesome.
Food for thought. ;)

P.S. Happy birthday Grama (Mom's mom)!! I love you. =D
Also, happy birthday to my friend's brother!
And to Freddie Mercury (the band Queen's leader singer).

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