Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to the Blog! and American Girl Doll Place

Hello and welcome to the first post on my new blog! Check back often for new updates.

Yesterday my parents and I went to the American Girl Doll store. I bought three outfits and the doll wheelchair. Below I will show a picture of the outfit and my review of it.

Here is Rebecca's School Outfit modeled by the lovely Samantha.
I love this outfit. It's simply adorable. The sweater is pretty heavy, perfect for walking to school on a cold winter's day. The buttons on the sweater are a bit hard to do and undo, just like real buttons.
The shoes are very similar to the shoes that come with Samantha's Sailor Outfit, except these are black instead of black and white. These black boots are much easier to get on the doll than the black and white ones. These have velcro on the back, while with Samantha's sailor shoes you have to do up the tiny buttons on the side.
The tights that come with this outfit are made of the same material regular tights are made of. They are a very clear white and I can get them on my doll very easily.

This is what the outfit looks like without the sweater. Underneath, instead of a separate skirt and shirt we find a dress. I like how it is one piece. It makes the outfit stay straight on the doll. The skirt of the dress is absolutely ADORABLE!! I love it. It is black and white checkers and pleated.

The final item that came with this outfit is the hair ribbon. It is made out of a study fabric and ties nicely. For $28 you get an outfit that has great quality, is very cute, and comes with many pieces! Way to go American girl!

Here is the second outfit I bought. It is called the Cozy Sweater Outfit and it is modeled by lovely Jess. I LOVE this outfit. American Girl only came out with it recently, on the 30th of August I believe.
The sweater is very high quality, although it feels like it could stretch easily just like a real sweater. The sweater is knitted which makes it very cozy and soft. I wish I had one!
The pants are stretchy, gray, tight, sweat pants.
The shoes are knitted as well with two buttons. The only way to get them on is to pull them on. I found this hard to do this and it took me about 5 minutes. Eventually you figure out a way to shimmy then on and over the gray pants. Although it is hard to get them on, the shoes definately make the outfit and are very cute.
This outfit also comes with a stretch one-piece hairband.

The final outfit I bought was an exclusive outfit - meaning you can only get it at the AG store(s). Kit is modeling this outfit and looks as if she should be on the beach with sunglasses and some sort of tropical drink!

The shirt says American Girl Seattle. At every AG store I go to I get a T-shirt with the logo and the name of the store I went to.

The pants are very adorable. They are very detailed and look exactly like something you would find at the mall.

The final thing I bought was the American Girl wheelchair. I bought it for my handicapped doll Rena (who you will see more of later in this post).
This wheelchair is very high quality. When you push it away from you it rolls straight, despite it's front "shopping cart" wheels.

Here is Rena being pushed by Kit.

The chair has actual brakes that work!

My Dad enjoyed the AG Store to...

This is Ezri Dax from my favorite TV Star Trek. Star Trek has 5 different TV Shows (Original, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Enterprise) with different characters.

I got my doll Rena for $6 at our local Goodwill thrift store. Her skin was very dirty, her fingernails painted, and her bangs chopped off. I wanted to re-wig her but my Mom convinced me to let her cut Rena's hair to see if it could be styled differently.
I was surprised and happy to find that the outcome of the haircut makes Rena look a lot like Ezri Dax!

My Mom and I have plans to make Rena a Star Trek uniform just like Ezri's! Pictures soon.
Stay tuned until next time...

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