Monday, September 26, 2011

The Dog, a really bad cold, and a new board game!

Yesterday afternoon we let Rosey outside and she came back looking like this:

She smelled too... she had rolled in cat poop. So, Daddy took her outside and hosed her off.

Then Mom gave her a bath.

And a haircut.

And now she's all clean and shaved!

I didn't do much today, I have a really bad cold. I've been lying on the couch watching the Cosby Show and filling up the trash can with dirtied tissues.

Check out this Star Trek strategy board game... it's perfect. =D Daddy brought this home as an early birthday/Christmas present for himself from Mom and I (yeah, kind of confusing). I can't wait to play it. It looks super fun.

Here is the inside of the box with all the pieces. The object of the game is to move around the board (made of the tiles you see at the top right of the picture) and finish missions. Things can go wrong though... You could run into a Klingon Bird of Prey or get a visit from Q or the Tribbles!

Here are some of the ship pieces up close.

Until next time...

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