Friday, September 9, 2011

An exhilarating story, among other things.

As I lay in my bed, trying to drift into the great abyss of sleep I heard a "scritch scritch" that seemed to be coming from inside my wall. As it was nearing the 12 0'clock hour, and as I was nearly asleep, and as I fear strange noises (especially in the dark of night) I jumped to the conclusion that it was either a rat scratching along the inside of my wall (that has happened before) or it was a ghost. The later I dismissed almost instantaneously.
Perhaps I imagined it?
No. There was the noise again. It almost sounded like something was making my shades bang... Was my window open? I pulled the curtains up an inch and no, the window was shut securely.
There was the noise again! Without a second more of hesitation I darted from my bed to my parent's room where Mom was reading some sort of quilting magazine...
"I think there's something in my wall. I keep hearing noises coming from there." I said in a whisper so I didn't wake my slumbering father. Mom got out of bed and followed me back to my room where we lay in silence, waiting for the noise to make itself heard.
There it was.
"What is it?" I said in a small voice, cuddling up next to Mom in fright.
"It sounds like a bug stuck in your window shades!" Mom said. I relaxed. Good, it wasn't a rat! Although a bug was nearly as bad.... The light was turned on and the shades pulled up. Out flew a crane fly.
"I'll go get a shoe to kill it." said Mom and presently left my room. When she came back neither of us could see the crane fly... There it was! We must have looked quite comical, Mom waving the shoe wildly, trying to hit the long-legged flying creature. And me, cowering on my quilt, scared of a bug.
Whap! The shoe narrowly missed the crane fly.
"Where did it go?!"
Neither Mom nor I could find it. We moved pillows, stuffed animals, my bed, the dog... By now our sleeping canine had gotten in on the chase and was jumping around frantically, thinking it was a game.
Just as Mom was about to leave my room in defeat, I spotted the fly behind my door. Two hits from the shoe insured it's certain death and I was able to sleep peacefully, knowing my room was safe from bugs.
Bug-Killer-Mom-Lady saves the day once more!! My hero.... Thanks Mom! =D

Today I have spent the morning editing the novel I have been writing this Summer... No matter how much I edit, I end up having 11 pages left to do. Will it never end??

The choir I am in started today. It was nice to get back to choir; the director's really fun and kid-friendly. Her husband, who plays piano for choir and co-directs, is going to be my new piano teacher!
We are singing 6 songs including a tobyMac song, Simple Gifts (it's a gift to be simple, it's a gift to be free), and a song in latin! That will be exciting.
I think that next year I will try to find a more advanced choir to participate in.

Tonight Daddy and I went to a family game night at church. It was really fun! I played two games of Triominos, three games of Dominoes, and three games of Uno. Snacks are a must while playing games so we crunched and munched on sweets all night. I'm looking forward to brushing my teeth tonight. =)

My mom forwarded an email on to me (which I sent to some of you readers) about The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Arlington Cemetery. It has been guarded 24/7 for the past 81 years (since 1930). While guarding The Tomb, a guard walks 21 steps to signify the 21 gun salute which is the highest honor given to a soldier or foreign dignitary. After 21 steps the guard turns around, waits 21 seconds (for the same purpose) and then walks 21 steps again. The guard is changed every 30 minutes.
Each guard commits 2 years of his life to guard The Tomb. He lives in barracks underneath The Tomb and promises not to drink any alcohol or swear in public for the rest of his life. For the first six months of duty, a guard can't talk to anyone but instead has to learn about all the notable people buried in Arlington Cemetery and commits to memory what he learns.
After two years of serving are over, a guard receives a wreath pin. A guard must follow the rules above (no drinking or swearing for the rest of his life) or the pin is taken away.
The email says that in 2003, as hurricane Isabelle was approaching Washington D.C., Congress took a two day recess to get away from the storm. The military officers guarding The Tomb were given permission to suspend their assignment but they declined saying that guarding The Tomb was not just an assignment, but an honor. They stayed, guarding, walking 21 paces, waiting 21 seconds then started again, in the pelting rain of the tropical storm.
Now THAT is integrity. I think that is so amazing. I ask myself, would I be able to do that or would I give in to the temptation of going off duty for a few days? Then I start thinking about my generation of teenagers. Instead of learning to be people of integrity, like those guarding The Tomb, very many teenagers of this generation are on drugs, drinking alcohol, partying, having sex and babies, among other un-Godly behaviour. Think back to three hundred years ago, in the 1700's. People didn't act like that. People like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Lafayette strove to be moral men. At 15, 16, 17 years old they weren't out partying, they were studying to become someone, something, great. George Washington became a land serveyer at age 18, and he was one of the best around. People may say, "Oh well... I could never be like Washington. He was born great." Here's what I have to say to that,
"Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them."
George Washington is just like me and you. The only difference is he decided he wanted to make something of himself, set his mind to it, and did it. We can do anything through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). And we can do anything we set our mind to do. Personally, I am striving to be a moral and knowledgeable person so I can make a difference in this sin-filled world.
In the end it comes down to one question. How far are YOU willing to push yourself?

***Edit*** I received another email from a friend of a friend's friend who said that some of the above information about the guard duty may be a bit exaggerated so don't quote me. As I have not done any research myself (I am too busy) I cannot say whether either email is true or not. If the subject interests you, please feel free to search it and post your finds as a comment. =)

P.S. Happy Birthday to my favorite cousin!! May your day be filled with Mario, Nerf, and lots of cake! =D

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