Friday, June 29, 2012

HAIR! And the best Star Trek Next Generation moment.

Our plans have changed and so now we are going to Canada TOMORROW.
So, I decided to sieze the moment to do a quick post on three cute hairdo's I did on my American Girl's this morning.

First, Jamie's 'do.

Jamie used to be a Felicity doll but when we got her from eBay, she smelled like cigarette smoke. We tried everything to eliminate the smell. We washed her, we stuck her in a box of coal, we took her stuffing out....

.....Then we stuck her in the garage. Meanwhile, I found another Felicity in better condition at a garage sale for $1!!!

Well.... Three years later, I go into the garage and pick up she-who-is-now-Jamie. I was thinking, "I have an extra AG doll, I could sell her on ebay for $30 or something." I sniffed the doll to see if she still smelt like smoke. No smokey smell. Just musty.
Instead of selling her, my mom and I cut her hair in a shoulder-length style. My dad and re-stuffed her and re-attached her head, and she became Jamie!

The hairstyle above is a french braid. I did one on each side of her head. It was practically my first time french braiding other than a few trial runs and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome! Especially since Jamie's hair is very dry and hard to style (it has an odd twist at the back as well, and she has a bald spot. Hee hee).
This is the video I worked off of (primarilly): How to do a french braid hairstyle on American Girl with short hair.

Felicity's 'do (front and back) :

I got this hairstyle from the girls at Our Dolls.
The style is Twisted Bun. 

Finally, Juliet's style (front and back... with Tintin in the background, hee hee) :

This was a fun but hard stlye to do.... I also got it from Our Dolls. It is the Colonial Daytime Style.
I had a hard time with this because Juliet's hair is short, curly, and a little bit layered. I had to modify the style. Instead of doing two small curls on either side of the head, I just made one big bun on the back of the head. It used less bobby pins and turned out much nicer because of Juliet's short hair.

And now, my absolute favorite scene in Star Trek Next Generation. It is from the episode Deja Q.
Q is an alien from the species Q. They are omnipotent beings and usually keep to themselves.... Q however keeps interfering with the lives of mortal species, and particularly with the human race, even more specifically, with Captain Picard.
In this episode, the Q Continuim has kicked Q out for sending an asteroid on a collision course with a habited planet. The Q Continuim strips Q of his power and makes him mortal. They strand him on the Enterprise with Picard's crew.
In the end, Q is given his power back and in turn, gives Data, the andriod, a special gift of his own.

Ah, Brent Spiner (Data).... So talented. He can laugh on command, sing, act, and he's DATA! =D

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  1. I agree! Cloaks are cool 8-D

    Yep, we did manage to fix the gun, somehow...

    I am glad you made it home safe! I love the hair styles you did and your pictures! It looks like a TON of fun!