Thursday, June 7, 2012


We spent the day at Gettysburg. Gettysburg was known as the "turning point" of the Civil War.
I'm feeling very wiped out to I'll just let the pictures speak mostly for themselves.

Here are some instruments from the Civil War. The five big horns in front are called "saxhorns." There are also cymbals at the bottom and cornets in the bottom left corner.

A drum, a bugle, a baton, and two fifes.

Here are the two fifes up close. I really want to learn to play the fife. And the piccolo (but that's not a Civil War instrument).

We saw an amazing cyclorama. It was painted in 1880. To add depth, items such as fences or soldier gear were scattered on the ground. Look at the well in the second picture. Half of it is painted, half of it is real. It was amazing.

Tintin with President Lincoln:


It was GORGEOUS outside today, although by the time we got back to the hotel, a thunderstorm had moved in and it was pouring rain.

The view from Little Round Top:

The view OF Little Round Top from the bottom:

A memorial for Pennsylvania soldiers killed at Gettysburg (there were memorials scattered all through the park - at least a hundred I'm sure. Probably more. Just notice the clouds on this pictures. Brilliant!)

The place where Lincoln delivered his Gettysburg Address (the man before him spoke for 4 hours. Lincoln got up and spoke for 5 minutes. People had just settled down to listen and then it was over. Some people missed the whole thing! Pretty funny. Again, notice the clouds on the picture.)

It was very warm today and great weather (except for the thunderstorm.... but, as I think I said before, I prefer rain to sun. Maybe I'll post about that someday.)
Tomorrow we're going to drive to Mt. Vernon and then we're going to go to my great uncle's house. He's graciously hosting us for a few days so we can explore DC.

In other news.... My bug bite went away.
And I'm entered a photo competition. I don't consider myself a very good photographer. Anyone could take the quality of pictures I do. You just have to find good lighting, a good environment, and play around with the camera. That's all I've done. My personal favorite setting is "foliage." I'm not sure if your cameras have that... It's under "scene" or, "SCN." If your outside taking pictures of plants, it really enhances the color and makes things pop.
Anyway, the subject for my age group is "unique." Hmmmm.... I already have some ideas of previous pictures I've taken (like, for example, my new blog header of all the dead miniatures) but I still don't know. The deadline is August 1 and I can't enter until July 1, so I've got some time.
Any unique ideas for me?

Speaking of my new blog header..... How do you like the new look of the blog? I think I'll keep it like this until we get back home, then I'll change it to something more summer-y.

One last update-ish thingy..... I have made a new blog. It's called "Matters of the Migraine." It's a place for me to record my experiences with migraines, including when I get them and the symptoms and what sorts of medicine I take. I haven't had the time to post or design it yet.... I'll post a link here when I have the first post up, if anyone is interested. (personally, I wouldn't be interested in someone's blog about their head aches, so I wouldn't be offended if you didn't check it out.)

Now I've got to be off to bed. Goodnight! And don't let the bed bugs bite.


  1. I like the new header; it fits the theme of your trip nicely (though I do kinda miss the worshipping doll). Wow! First Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches and now fudge... yummy! Did you get to play any of the saxahornmathingies?

  2. I almost went to Gettysburg but something came up and I didn't, which is sad. For years my favourite history point was the Civil War.

    If I think up any unique pictures I will let you know, I can't think right now. Too sslllleeeepppyyyyyyy

    Yeah, Liberty's Kids is a fun show, and I also learned a lot from it 8-D I still like it, I just forget about it so haven't seen it in awhile which is sad.

    I like your new blog look!!!!

  3. Pretty pictures of instruments!! (My Grandpa would love to see those.)
    I love the clouds in the Gettysburg address photo. They look all whispy and stuff.
    I like the mini men scattered on the field xD It's a cute photo! And very appropriate considering what you've been blogging about lately!

  4. cute mini dead british soldiers in the blog header is a good choice (says Luke)
    You've seen so much in just a few short days; Looking forward to what you see in DC.