Sunday, June 24, 2012

The last hurrah

Tomorrow we leave for home. Hurrah! After 33 days away, I am in dire need or my own bed, my friends, playing board games with Dad (I want to play Thebes when we get home ok Daddy?), my dolls, my SAXOPHONE!! I haven't been able to play it since April. I was sick the beginning of May because of an ear infection and I didn't want to blow an ear drum, so I just haven't played sax all this time. My ears are better, thank goodness, and I can't wait to get back home to play saxophone! And play my own piano. I guess you can say that I have been longing for home since we got to Grama's.

We've been packing the car up, but there is some extra baggage coming with us..... Old timey school desks! My grandparents have about 6 in their basement and they were planning on getting rid of them so they sent an email out asking if anyone wanted them. I said yes! I have lots of memories playing school in Grama's basement as a little kid. We are taking two desks back with us. I'm not going to show any pictures (mainly because I don't want to run downstairs to take a picture of the remaining desks) or tell you what I'm going to do with the desks.... But I do have a plan brewing in the windmills of my mind.

But this blog post is not about the desks. It is about typewriters. I have always thought typewriters are pretty cool but never really got further than that.... I'm not really sure what made me suddenly interested in typewriters. It might be because Miss Jack Lewis Baillot mentioned she bought one. Or it might be because Kit Kittredge the American Girl Doll has a typewriter that is very special to her (an American Girl decided to retire it!! Read the books before you retire things AG!). In the Kit movie, Kit uses her typewriter and it just looks fun.... Although pieces and parts are broken and the "E" doesn't work (in the books her dad and brother fix the typewriter and surprise Kit. It's very sweet).
Anyway, down in Grama's basement, among piles of other stuff, are two typewriters.

There is this electronic one which works very well and makes bold, black, beautiful letters:

And then there is this typewriter:

This typewriter is from the 1940's. My great-grandfather bought it in 1954 (I believe) for $60. My Grandpa used it to write college papers and my mom wrote her high school papers on it. As of today, when Grandpa dies, that typewriter is going to be mine. I'm going to go put a piece of tape on it that says, "ABBEY."
I wrote a bit on this typewriter as well as the other one. The letters on this one aren't as strong, and I fear the ink on the ribbon is running low, so when I get this typewriter it will probably be for show.
If Grandpa would have let me, I would take it right now. I would set it on the school desk.
Having a piece of family history this old and with so much history makes me happy. I love old things.


  1. Lovely typewriters! I like the forties one. It is cool looking! (I have a secret spy code I will have to send you that was made special for typewriters.

    My mum and I were cleaning out the fridge and we found some hairy potatoes and she goes, "We should watch the Trouble with Tribbles!" And, since it was Star Trek I said, "Okay!" (Still don't know how she connected it with potatoes..but it instantly because one of my favourites 8-D)I love when Kirk gets buried in them 8-D And Scotty looking all shocked when Kirk thinks he punched the man for insulting him.

    Oh yes! The Helmsman flying them out! That part was great. "Um..." "Yes! I see it!" *SCREECH!!!*
    Alan Rickman is cool!!!! I like him lots in the movies I've seen him in 8-D

    My brother and I love Flushed Away. We sing the slug songs all the time, and quote Le Frog a ton. We love the dinner line. We say it almost every time someone mentions dinner. Oh! Shocky! I love him 8-D

    Sean Connery is brilliant. I love his voice. So deep and cool. (He was cool as Indy's dad too, I agree.)

    Speaking of Shakespeare, I love the chaps in A Midsummer's Night's Dream. "I can't play a woman! I'm growing a beard!" Only he said it cooler.

    Glad you are happy to be heading home! Homes are such lovely places 8-D I hope the trip back is grand!

  2. Typewriters are, inevitably, something all writers at one point must use (and in turn love). I think they are awesome, unfortunately my dad and mom didn't think so when they got rid of ours when I was younger xD They are beautiful!

  3. Now, where are we going to put those desks, I wonder?? I AM looking forward to your return... and yes, we can play Thebes and any other game you'd like.

  4. The Trouble with Tribbles is pure brilliance. I love that one best I think. Scotty makes me laugh so much in it. And that corny line at the end 8-D I've yet to reach the one with McCoy and the pragnet lady but it sounds good. The one I'm on next is when something happens to Spock so McCoy tries to heal him and ends up blinding him. I bet Spock won't let him live that one down.

    I agree, can't go wrong with swords 8-D