Thursday, June 28, 2012

A random assortment of things pertaining to American Girl Dolls and dog tags.

First of all, WHAT?!?!?! American Girl came out with new outfits and I didn't know about it!! It must have just happened within the last day because I recently checked the AG website.
Among the new things are, new doll outfits (for My American Girl/Just Like You dolls, Historical doll Julie, and Girl of the Year Mckenna), a new pet (Meatloaf - love the name), an old pet (they retired Licorish, they brought her back. Personally, I like the old Licorish better. Dad says, "I can't tell the difference." *shakes head* ), some new black boots (cute, but I already have, like, 4 or 5 pairs of black boots for my dolls 0.0 Oh well, they go great with the Star Trek costumes), and.... A DOLL SIZED CAR!!!!!

Is a little Bug! How cute! And blue, my favorite color. Unfortuneately, this car costs $350..... For a doll sized car. You could easily make your own car for virtually free. That's what Anna at basilmetos did.
A cute car AG, but a little too expensive..... Alright, a lot too expensive.

Every month or every few months I go on an American Girl Doll rave. I dress and re-dress them. I make videos with them... Most of this happens during the summer when I have time.
While I dress and re-dress my dolls, the clothes that I take off of them pile up on my desk. The desk was originally supposed to be a writing desk.... But most of my writing takes place elsewhere. I don't know if I've ever sat down and written a story at my desk. Probably 'cause it's usually overflowing with American Girl Doll stuff. Hee hee.
Currently our living room floor is also scattered with AG stuff. Outfits and hair accesories and shoes.
Tonight I dressed 5 of my dolls in the Kit Kittredge outfits I have (6 dolls including Kit, but she was already dressed).
And since I really don't have anything else to blog about and this blog was originally supposed to be an American Girl blog (but has spilled out into all the other areas of my life), I will show you my collection of Kit outfits.

From left to right:
Jamie wearing Kit's Christmas Dress (in the books, the dress is a hand-me-down from Ruthie who has outgrown the dress. Kit angrily refuses it because Kit thinks Ruthie is giving it to Kit because Kit's family is poor - the books are set during the Great Depression. In the end, Kit takes the dress.)
Felicity is wearing Kit's Birthday Dress (in the books, the dress is made of feedsack - you know, the stuff chicken feed comes in? Aunt Millie made the dress for Kit after buying the family some chickens. Kit feels so embarressed to wear the dress because a feedsack dress in the Great Depression lets the whole world know that you are one step away from the poor house. Luckily (and probably thanks to Aunt Millie) it doesn't come to that. Felicity is wearing shoes that came from Michaels Crafts.)
Rena is wearing Kit's School Dress (with the bow from one of Samantha's dresses. I honestly don't remember anything about this dress from the books... Only that it is on the cover of "Kit Learns a Lesson.")
Ruthie is wearing her Meet Outfit.
Kit is wearing her Reporter Dress (which never shows up in the books, only the movie.)
Jess is wearing Kit's Meet Outfit.

So there you have it.... I might do all of my Samantha outfits next, since I have tons of those too.

Anywho, I will be in Canada for the weekend so no blog posts (I will actually be in Canada on Canada Day for once!). My dad's family all lives in Canada, eh? I guess you could call this my vacation from the vacation I just took.... I would be upset to go except for the fact that my favorite cousin will be there and we always have a blast playing Mario on our Nintendo DS's. And playing at the park around the corner from our Grama's. We always end up playing freeze tag or hide and seek or the Alien Game or making up our own running/tag-ish game (like Lord of the Rings!) with our Dad's.
The last time I was in Canada, the dad's wanted to go back to Grama's so they said, "We'll leave now. You come 5 minutes later. We'll try catch you before you get to Grama's. If we catch you, you lose. If you get to Grama's, you win."
So my cousin and I were thinking we would sneak around to the front entrence of the neighborhood my Grama lives in and get in that way. So we walked and walked and walked and we went into this neighborhood thinking it lead out to the main road.... It was a culdisack. So we walked all the way back. It took us a good 30 minutes. We snuck back to Grama's and almost got in... and then the Dad's caught us.
That was the absolutely funnest adventure I've ever been on. =D

I took a World War 1 and 2 class last fall/winter/into the spring. I completed all the requirements (memorizing 3 quotes, memorizing 3 Bible verses, watching WW1&2 movies, reading all the books on the book list, memorizing the poem Flanders Fields, completing the weekly opinion papers - 13 in total, writing a 3 page+ hero report on a hero from one of the World Wars {I did George M. Cohan}, and giving a class presentation on one of the countries during WW2 {I did Holland because my Grama lived during Germany's occupation of Holland}). If you completed all the above requirements, at the end of class, you got your own dog tags. Three of them. One with your name and the date of the class, and two with quotes that you got to choose.

The first one (in the red silencer) says, "Do Hard Things" (fantastic book, by the way. Everyone should read it).
The second one says, "Freedom is never free."
I won't show the one with my name. ;)
It was a very cool ceremony. We went to an old people's home and the veterans told stories. There were even two men that had served in WW2 there! It was very fun.

Well, I've ran out of random things to say so I shall leave you with a picture of Rosey. Or maybe two or three.....

(Rosey and Davie. Davie is the dog of the people who watched Rosey. His tail is a blur because he spotted his owner coming home and kind of went crazy).

(Rosey being adorable and hogging Davie's bed.)

(Hanging out the window on the way home.)

P.S. Sorry for any spelling mistakes. Spellcheck isn't working!! AHHH!

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