Saturday, June 23, 2012

Big Red

This is Big Red:

Big Red is a 37 1/2 year old Caprice Red Chevrolet. She used to be my grandparents family car when my mom was young. They went to Yellowstone and DC and Boston and New York City in Big Red. She always faithfully pulled her camper.
Grandpa doesn't take Big Red out much anymore (partly because the fan that cools down the engine isn't working) but we managed to get a short 10 minute drive today.
Riding in Big Red is like driving a boat. I'm trying not to fall in love.
Me "driving"

I don't know much about cars but I know enough to know that this is one cool car! Thanks for the ride Grandpa!!!


  1. My little girl, cruising the streets of Edgerton, in a cool car, with a boy (Tintin)!!!? Oh my!!

  2. xD Now that is a cool car! (And I don't say that often...To me they are more or less all the same thing.) It's!