Friday, June 22, 2012

Hip hip!

Hip hip huzzah! My glasses are fixed! I can see! I was blind but now I see! =D

That is not the reason for this blog post, though. I wanted to share with you all a small part of my novel.
The novel is the sequel to a novel I wrote last summer. Last summer's novel was a sequel to Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.
My reason for writing the novel (which is called After The Twelfth Night) was because I played Antonio in Twelfth Night about 4 years ago. Antonio rescues one of the main characters but we never find out if Antonio goes to jail or is freed at the end of the play! So I wrote a book to explain what happens to him.
In the second novel, Sebastian (the friend Antonio rescued) and Antony (Antonio's son) and a whole bunch of other random people (not including Antonio because something happens to him in the first book which makes him unable to go with Sebastian and Antony... Those who know what happens, don't spoil it!) go to an island in the middle of the ocean to try find buried treasure. But not just any buried treasure... This is Sebastian's father's treasure.
Anyway, enough back story. Here is a section of the novel:

Torchlight illuminated the walls of the cave. Sebastian and the other men were standing in a small chamber just inside the cave. In front of them was a decision; two tunnels.
"Which way do we choose?" Toms asked.
"Half of us could go one way and half could go the other way." suggested Antony.
"I think we should stay together." Joseph said.
"I concur." Verges' quiet voice was heard.
"Let's try the right passage first." decided Sebastian.
"You can't go wrong if you go right!" Antony said with a boyish grin covering his face.
Sebastian rolled his eyes, "The right passage smells fresher."
"Let's stop standing around talking about the passage and go down it." Joseph said.
The men nodded and headed down the right passage.
The walls were dry and smooth. As the men progressed through the tunnel, the walls got closer and closer together until arms and shoulders were scraping against rock. The ceiling also seemed to close in on the travellers. The rock was suffocating. There wasn't room to turn back. The only way was foreward. The men stooped over their torches, rock pressing in on them from all angles. They were just starting to wounder whether they were going to die, stuck in the tunnel, when Sebastian, who was first, cried out.

So there you have it. I have to do more editing on it... But I just wanted to share that with you because I have nothing better to blog about!


  1. Yay!
    That is an awesome part of your novel!! Argh! Now I want to read the whole thing!!
    Miss you!
    Love, ShiningHisLight97

  2. Hip hip! Or 'Wot, wot!' xD
    I have yet to read Twelfth Night by Shakespeare. Your excerpt makes me curious though xD