Saturday, June 16, 2012

The last day of DC.

We went to the Smithsonian (mostly Air and Space) on our last day of DC.

Look, it's an Easter Island statue! "Dum dum bring me gum gum? Uh oh... Dum dum better run run... from Attila the Hun Hun!"

Tintin was in awe.... He was busy staring up at Mr. Easter Island when a little kid came up and snatched him! Luckily Mom-Lady the super hero/bug killer or the century swooped in and scooped Tintin up before the little kid could run off.

Look! It's the X-FLR6! Painted black and white instead of red and white....

Only this "rocket" wasn't made by Professor Calculas....
In reality, this is a V-2 - A Vengence Weapon 2. It was a German missile used in WW2. Germany launched 3000  V-2's on it's enemies during the Second World War.

Some random pictures from Air and Space:

This also made me think of Tintin:

See the floating food?

And this is where the astronauts would take a shower....

This made me think of Star Wars (it looks like something Han Solo would say)

Look! It's VGER! Or, in normal English, for you non-Trekkies, Voyager!

And in the gift shop? THE ENTERPRISE!! =D

They also has Spock ears but I didn't get any. Pity, I could have worn them to youth group.

After Air and Space we walked over to American History to see the hall of First Ladies' Fashions.
On the way there we saw the White Tree of Gondor:

Before going into the Hall of First Ladies, we went into the music hall. They had three Stradivarius violins.... It saddened me to see them behind glass instead of being played. On the way out, we saw a sign that said they were played, which is good. Instruments are made to be played.

After the Hall of First Ladies (sorry, no pictures) we looked at a GIANT doll house! It was very cool. We used to have one like it on display at our library.

Then we headed over to the Iwo Jima memorial statue.

We didn't just come to see the statue though.... We came to hear the Marine Band play! They do concerts here every Tuesday evening throughout the summer. My word... it was amazing. I thought I would never say it, but after the concert I asked my mom, "Can you put me in school so I can join marching band?"
I video taped much of the concert. Here is "Stars and Stripes." No other song is short enough to post, sadly.

After the band played, soldiers came marching in. One platoon did silent drilling. Many complex movements including throwing guns - with bayonettes attached! - from one to another. All without orders... It was all memorizied. It was very impressive.

Here are some pictures from the best concert I have ever been to:

It was amazing. DC sure sent us off with a bang!


  1. Well it's about time you gals called it quites and started home. Can't wait to see you agin, but I will miss reading all about the places you went. It is kind of like big there. To bad you could not take photo's in the spy museum. That would have been fun to see. Hopefully you will get to listen to the whole CD on the long 5 day trip back. Wendy

  2. The Smithsonian and the Air and Space museaum look like they were fun! xD And I'm glad Tintin did not remain kidnapped!

  3. Tintin can't keep out of trouble no matter where he goes, I suppose. Getting kidnapped again. Glad he was saved...

    Okay, Ahem...WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 8'-( You went to the Air and Space Museum. I love air and space. I want to go there!!!! AND You saw the Enterprise?! I want to shake your hand. (Did you see the Wright Brother's plane?)

  4. Oops, to answer the comment you left. Yes, my real name is German, my pen name is French. COol! Dutch is cool!

    The actor I think Isidore looks like is, Arden...something like that, Brody. He played in King Kong as the cool chap who liked the girl. (I didn;t like King Kong much because of all her gasping, but I loved him.) I was so so so so so sad he wasn't cast for Sherlock Holmes in the new movies. I am still a little sad about it though Robery Downey Jr. is cool.

    I hope you are having fun! Not going too crazy in the car 8-D