Friday, June 15, 2012

How Abbey occupies herself in the car.

(due to the fact that we drove 10 hours today and it is late, I will be posting the last day of DC tomorrow)

With no siblings and no dog to annoy, I have to find ways to keep myself entertained in the car.

Here are some simple ways that I keep myself busy. You can try them out to!

First, find a comfortable position. I like to stretch my top half over as much of the car as possible, while my bottom half is scrunched underneath me:

Second, listen to hours and hours of music (I think I listened to 5 or 6 hours of music today)

Third, draw weird pictures (and embarrass your characters. First, a random lady. Second, Matthias. My character.)

Fourth, practice fingerings on your fife (more on the fife later....)

Fifth, work on VBS skits:

Sixth, edit novel!

Finally... reach your hotel and turn on the TV to see what sorts of channels this hotel has.
And find a pleasant surprise.....

A Harry Connick Jr. concert on TV!

That, my friends, is how to keep yourself entertained, Abbey-style.

How do YOU keep yourself busy in the car on a long trip?


  1. I myself on a long car ride usually:
    1. Bring a ton of books and only read like one of them(lol)
    2. Bring my journal so I can write book ideas/inspiration and stuff that's happening
    3. Listen to Adventures in Odyssey the radio show with family(we'll never be too old for it)
    4. Listen to books on CD or watch a movie on my dad's laptop.
    5. Borrow my sister's ipod to listen to a little of her music. Now I have an ipod of my own so I won't have to ask her!

  2. Normally I make sure my Ipod is charged and just listen to my music and/or sleep. On the rare occaision I'll listen to a book or write, but typically I'll just sit there and listen to music and daydream.
    On really long car rides I sometimes do card games and stuff with my sis, or we'll play the Alphabet game or something. Or I'll do Angry Birds.

  3. Is your mom doing all the driving? Hope she's surviving all of that. We would really like to see that fife.. can you bring it to gramma's?