Sunday, June 3, 2012

Concord (Boston! Part 3)

With that huge long post last night I forgot to add what we did yesterday morning!
Before driving to New York, we stopped off at Concord where the Revolutionary War started.
Colonists stole four British cannons right from under their noses. The British had orders to find the cannons, but also to destroy military supplies that were rumored to be in Concord.
The Patriots, however, heard word of the British mission weeks before hand and were prepared. They hid the cannons and moved the supplies and were ready when the British arrived.

Here is a map.

The British started at Charlestown. Paul Revere and a comrad were sent to the Old North Church and along the road to alert everyone that the Regular were coming (not the British because everyone was British at that point). Two lanterns by sea, one if by land. Paul Revere and his comrad (whose name I can't recall) ran into a doctor along the road and they took him along. Then they ran into British soldiers. Paul Revere was detained for a few hours, his comrad escaped, and the doctor escaped on to Concord where he alerted the people.
The fighting was bloody. The British got to Concord but ran into colonists, fighting with whatever they had. Soon the colonists ranks swelled to 4000 men. The British only had 700 or so. The Patriots chased them all the way back to Charlestown where 1000 more British soldiers were waiting. But the Patriots still had more men and in the end, won the battle.

Here is one of the cannons that was stolen from the British:

Another one is at the top of the Bunker Hill Memorial that we climbed. The other two are in Canada.

Speaking of Canada....

We walked over the North Bridge. The Patriots were on one side and the British on the other. The Patriots shot a few British men, and they began to run all the way back to Charlestown. The whole day, both armies were running, shooting at each other when the opportunity presented itself.

Today we are headed into New York City and the NYC American Girl Doll Store. I'd better post this, our bus leaves soon!


  1. I've always wanted to go to Boston. Thank you for sharing all the pictures! Now I can at least say I've seen it, kind of.

  2. P. S Thank you for the comment! I am glad you like the picture idea 8-D

  3. Wonder why Canada has those other two cannons?