Friday, September 14, 2012

What I really do.

What my piano teacher thinks I do:

What my parents think I do:

What the rest of the family thinks I do:

What the neighbors think I do:

What my dog thinks I do:

What I think I do:

What I really do:


  1. 2 thumbs up! Very funny post! :)

  2. LOL People will never fully comprehend what piano playing really is...
    xD The 'Phantom of the Opera' picture is driving me crazy because it's stressing the wrong letters.

  3. This is fantastic! Grand idea! Love it!

    I'm sorry I almost killed you with your own tooth brush. Glad you lived. I would have felt bad if I'd caused you to choke on it. Also, I'd probably be arrested for, thanks for not dying.

    Yes, my room is my shell, but if I get to meet David Tennant I'd gladly trade out for a cave.

    I think the banana molded, but I'm too chicken to cut it open and find out. I'm hoping it hardens soon, because the flat smells like molded banana. Though that cannot smell worse then the egg.

    Do you like Series two in Doctor Who? (I'm a poet, and YOU did not know it.)

    I love dinosaurs too. Were I alive when they were I would have brought one home as a pet and my mum would have made me the first cave hermit. But yes, I think you will love the one with Lestrade. I hope he is back in other episodes. He's cool!

    Did you see the new American Girl doll or did I dream it?

    I think I know what it is about The Girl in the Fireplace. I think it is just too sad to like a lot. I mean, she wanted to travel with him, like Rose. But he kept missing her, until she was dead. It's a bit depressing. Because we are like his companions and I think we all worry we'd end up like her. Waiting for him, never getting to go on adventures with him.

    How was the Star Trek animated series? I've heard it is good.

    Oh, and you helped to break my comment record. I have 11 comments on my newest post and you wrote number ten which broke my usual record. So, THANKS 8-D

    That is cool Gatiss is an Elvis fan! I love how those two sneak in all the things they like. It makes them seem more geeky like the rest of us.