Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 21: A picture of something that makes you happy.

I found an amazing youtube channel. This man is a one man choir, basically. Sometimes he does collaborations with other singers like himself. He does covers of many songs.

He does lots of Beatles and his cover of "Blackbird" is particularly nice. And I LOVE his covers of older songs such as "Good Old Summertime" (which Veggietales sings in one of their videos....) and "I've Got Rhythm" and "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" from the Aristocats (one of my favorite Disney movies)!

Live long and prosper (in the good old summertime)!


  1. I love finding talent on youtube! I'm going to go check his channel out...

  2. Okay! I have to get a hedgehog now. I will keep him in my room and hide him under my bed whenever anyone comes over. It's very fitting since one of my nicknames is Sherlock. Every Sherlock needs a Watson, or a John. Sooo..I kind of need a hedgehog now. It is very important. There, I like my reasoning.

    "How did you get her to let you touch her?"
    "I slapped her."
    "Is that in the doctor's manual?"
    "It's in mine from now on."

    I would take my banana to a party, but it has turned black and is shrinking. I've put it up in my cupboard, hoping it won't smell as bad as my egg, to see how small it will get. Also, I want to see if they mold or if they just turn hard. Like rocks. I can throw it at people if it does and it will be more useful then Captain Jack's.

    I have lots of stalkers on pintrest I think, so aye, you're welcome to join the club. I find it a bit odd though, never thought I'd have stalkers.

    I like your thinking. The Dread Pirate Roberts solving mysteries under the name of Sherlock Holmes. As a pirate he would have no problem with stealing another man's name and fame. And, of course, his Watson would be a girl because pirates all have a thing for girls.

    Aye, a get together would be lovely!!! I need to borrow the TARDIS and pop in for a visit. Have you seen series seven yet?

    AW! They need to write Amy and Watson meeting now! I can just see them, complaining about Shelrock and the Doctor!! If you do write fanfiction may I read it? I don't usually like most I find, but every now and then someone writes something fantastic and I know yours would be.

    Yep, I believe the Doctor Who reference was Haddock yelling geronimo. I think there was another too...but I don't remember well enough to be sure.
    I was overly jumpy when I first saw it. I almost cheered when I saw Tintin's typewriters and when Haddock yelled that I wanted to shout, "MOFFAT IS A GEEK!" But, since this is the States, no one would have gotten it. Sadly, they are lacking in the British geeky area.

    RUN! Moriarty is stalking you. I'll let you borrow my banana to throw at him.

    Oh book. When it is published it will only be online, unless it gets in a few select stoppes. However, it will be sold in both paper back, ebook - and you shall be the first to know - audio book. However, the paper back will be the only copy with pictures in it.

    (Pity comment boxes put a limit on comment length. Don't they know some of us have a lot to say?)
    I too am never sure what to think of The Girl in The Fireplace. It's a brilliant plot, but somehow, it never made it to my favourite. Too sad I suppose.

    Anyhow, I should end before the box yells at me.