Saturday, September 15, 2012

My opinions on Caroline Abbott and her collection.

No, Miss Jack, you are not dreaming! American Girl did just come out with a new historical doll and I am going to ramble on about her for this blog post!

Meet Caroline:

Caroline is from the War of 1812. When Caroline's Papa is taken by the British, Caroline and her family must stay strong.
The Caroline doll has an all new eye color which no other American Girl has!
Other than the new eye color, Caroline isn't very original. Some have compared her to Lanie (Girl of the Year from 2010).
Lanie and Caroline together. The differences between the two dolls are:
Lanie has hazel eyes while Caroline has "aquamarine" eyes.
Lanie has side bangs.
Lanie's hair is a tad darker than Caroline's.
Lanie's hair is a tad shorter than Caroline's.
Lanie's curls are tighter curled.
Personally I think Caroline looks an awful lot like the MAG (My American Girl) #56 and #22.
As an original doll, Caroline scores very low. 
Now onto Caroline's collection. I'll start with the big stuff.
Caroline's parlor set:

This set costs a whopping $300. I think it's a very nice set, I especially like the window seat and the little boat. However, it is very very overpriced and not worth it, I think.

Caroline's Bed:

$125. Again, I don't think it's worth the price. Especially when you can find $20 doll beds at Ikea! (if you have Ikea in your area).

Caroline's Table and Chair set and Party set:

The table and chairs alone cost over $100 while the dishes and accessories cost an extra $68. This set looks a lot like Felictiy's table and chair set which is alright I suppose since the latter is retired.

Now onto clothes.
Starting with Caroline's meet outfit (pictured above in the first picture). I don't really like the outfit. Like Caroline, it's very unoriginal. Mostly because of this Felicity dress:

If you look closely, it's pretty much the same dress. Also, I really don't like how American Girl thinks that EVERY single outfit has to have something pink in it.

Caroline's Holiday Gown:
This outfit comes with the dress, gloves, shoes, and a braided hairband.
I love this dress. I've seen comments that people don't like this dress and I can't imagine why.... I think it's gorgeous! I love the pattern and the clothes and the color. It's just very pretty. It reminds me of a Disney princess - Rapunzel, combined with Caroline's long golden tresses.
The big downfall is this outfit costs $36.

Caroline's Winter coat and ice skating set:

The winter hat and coat cost $32 and the skates and mittens cost $22. Again, waaaaay overpriced. However, the jacket is VERY adorable and a gorgeous color! It does look like a very well made coat.

Caroline's Birthday Dress:

Another outfit that I think is gorgeous! $28 for the dress and shoes.... (American Girl is WAY overpriced, just sayin'. Almost none of their stuff is really worth the price... But we doll collectors still buy it....). I love the empire waist and ruffled look of the top of the dress. Gorgeous.
Caroline's unoriginal looks are totally made up for in her totally unique and gorgeous dresses!
And while I'm at it I'm just going to insert another little thought.... People say that Caroline's outfits look too much like Felicity's. While I agree that Caroline's meet dress looks an awful lot like one of Felicity's dresses, I don't think it's right to say that all her clothes look like Felicity's. After all, the two dolls are only 40 years apart (Felicity is from 1774 and Caroline from 1812) and styles didn't really change drastically in those 40 years.

Caroline's Nightgown:

I'm going to say it right now.... I love all of Caroline's outfits. They are soooo pretty. I'm not a very big fan of American Girl PJ's but this one is very nice. I like the simplicity of it. It's very pretty.
Now my absolute FAVORITE piece of Caroline's collection. Her Travel Outfit and Hat and Spencer.
First the Travel Outfit:
I absolutely LOVE this outfit! It has a high, empire waist, and a ruffled top. The print is salmon colored with flowers and the shoes are red (I love red shoes)! This dress reminds me of one worn by Emma in the 2009 adaption. All of Caroline's dresses remind me of stuff worn in Jane Austin's time and especially this last dress. You can bet that it will be making it's way into my collection just as soon as possible!
And the Travel Outfit isn't complete without the Spencer and Hat!
A spencer was a jacket worn in Jane Austin's time that only covers the top half of torso. Elizabeth from the 6 hour Pride and Prejudice wears lots of them.

I'm not going to do any reviews of Caroline's accessories.... I don't think they're worth it.
Overall, I really like Caroline's collection. I think her dresses are gorgeous. However, I think that Caroline is very plain looking. As basilmentos (a youtuber who makes American Girl Doll stopmotions which are amazing) put it, Caroline looks a lot like a Barbie. Long blond hair and pink. And the new full size stuff American Girl is making (Caroline's parlor, the chalet, Julie's car) is very Barbie-ish as well.... Not that I'm complaining. I used to love and play with Barbies all the time.
I'm upset that American Girl has turned from being quality doll makers whose plan was to educate girls about history, into a company that just wants to sell things. I guess that's what happens when you get new management... Sigh. Oh well.

Live long and prosper!


  1. I like the time period the AMGD Company chose for Caroline as I find the war between British-controlled Canada and the US to be a fascinating. It was an avoidable, futile and total un-productive war for both sides; i.e. many people died, capital cities in both territories were burned; but no borders changed, and nothing much else was accomplished.

    The most ironic thing about this war was that the reason for the war was rectified before the war started; and the war continued after a treaty was signed. Unfortunately both decisions happened in England & the news didn’t get to the New World to affect what was happening there till a long time after the fact. Who knows, maybe Caroline’s dad wouldn’t have been taken by the British if they had telephones in that day.

    It sounds like the actual doll is much less interesting than the time period she portrays (other than the clothes, of course).

  2. She is certainly very pretty for being a very ordinary doll! (Then again, so is Barbie xD) I love her dresses as well- mostly because I just love dresses from that time period! And I'm glad that they finally made a doll for one of the 'lesser' known time periods. Ask any elementary student to name various wars the US is in, and I'd guess none of them would mention the War of 1812.

  3. I saw her at Barnes and Noble and shamelessly jumped up and down. I could see this chap out of the corner of my eye going o.O but I didn't care. I've been collecting the mini dolls since I was about fifteen. Pity to end now, even if I am twenty five.

    Her eye colour is pretty. I didn't notice it the first time. But you're right, she does look a lot like the other dolls.

    I've never fancied their belonging things. My dad helped me make my dolls beds and by comparison, buying them wasn't as fun. What IS an Ikea though? Are they famous for closets or something? If I come and see you, will you go with me so I can jump out and shout FOR NARNIAAAAAAA! I saw that somewhere and I want to do it.

    I thought too her dresses looked a lot like Flecity's, which kind of made my Lessie happy. I've told her as soon as I can I'm buying her a dress, but then they retired her. She wants the green riding frock, but these are very pretty too, so she might someday get one of these too.

    I like the purple one a lot. I like her coat as well, though I don't think I like it as much as Elizabeth's cloak. (I almost called it a cape. I'm so ashamed.)

    I think her blue one is my favourite. I didn't see that one before.

    (High five, you like red shoes.)

    Oh, that little jacket is VERY cute. I like it.

    I agree, though, about their things costing too much. When my cousin first told me of the company it was fun for us to read the books, we always wore our copies out, and swapped. It was a lot of fun. I've not read any of the new books to see how they hold up with the old, I plan to as soon as our library gets them. Thankfully the librarians know I'm a nut so never raise eyebrows at my little kid reading likes. *Smirk*

    Anyhow, nice review!


  4. I am answering your comment here so your blog won't yell at me.

    I'm glad your friend is better. Brain problems are scary, medical problems are scary...NEEDLES are scary. (This is why I'm not a doctor.) I might have become one if McCoy ran things.

    We could have caves near each other and send smoke signals on weekends. Only problem with being a hermit...I mean, meeting David Tennant would make up for this....but not being able to pull all those pranks we've been thinking up would be a pity. Still...meeting him...

    The banana died a slow and painful death. From the smell, I'd say it rotted. i didn't have the courage to cut it open and find out.

    I need to watch The Idoit's Lantern again, Can't think of which it is. Is it the one with Sarah Jane?
    That is cool you know someone you can talk to about it! That makes life more fun. Like, with my brothers. I shout ALLONS-Y and they look at me like...I've lost my mind...which is a common look they give me.

    I think that is all. I had something weird to say but I forgot it. So instead I will say..


  5. Yep! She is. I love Barnes and Nobles too, though we don't have one in two which I think is a crime. It would do well here too since this is a college town. *Eyes the business people who think we need more fast food places.*
    Second hand book stores are fun too. I like the ones that are all dusty and are filled with old books.

    Oooo, sitting on a Christmas ornaments not only would hurt but would be kind of embarrassing. of reminds me of a Get Smart where Max was shot in the same area and the Chief didn't fill out a report on it because he wasn't sure how to word it.
    My cousins and brothers and I are someday going to be patients like that. We've done batty things and we always say, "If we break our arms, how will we explain it to the doctor? Well, it was like this...we were dragging a tree down a mountain to burn at our camp and we slipped."

    I like the idea of pulling the pranks on David Tennant. I bet he wouldn't mind either. He seems to have a good sense of humor. He'd probably get pay back on us. Which would be fun!

    Oh! That is funny, what your character says! I might try something like that, it sounds like fun.

    Oh yeah! My sister LOVES The Idiot's Lantern because when Rose's face is taken he says, "Now no force on earth can stop me!" I like the psychs paper part. Something about, "It says you're a duke."

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I'd probably squeal if someone said Allons-y in real life! He sounds cool!
    Ooo, watching an episode with the Oods. That's ood.
    May the oods ever been in your favour, I like that!
    How did you like the Oods. Which one was it with them?