Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 19: Nicknames I have and why I have them.

Once upon a time there was little girl named Abbey who was around four or five years old. She was very very shy and didn't talk to anyone unless absolutely necessary (she didn't have her first real friend until she was six).
Abbey and her parents went to a big church, about 700 people, and she went to Sunday School every week while the big people were in church.
One day the Sunday Schools were combined and there were about 100 kids in Abbey's class. After a time of worship with all the kids, everyone split into smaller groups. Abbey was taken to a part of the church where she had never been before. She was with teachers and children she had never met, even though she had been going to this church since she was born.
One by one, after church, the kids were picked up by their parents but Abbey's parents didn't know where she was, so she didn't get picked up.
The halls were crowded, the next service would be beginning soon, and still no parents came for Abbey. The make it worse, the teachers left Abbey alone in the room which she had never been in before. One person was left to watch her but she sat at the other end of the room and Abbey didn't feel very watched.
Abbey peeked out of the room, she could feel the tears mounting in her eyes. Suddenly there he was. Daddy. His tall frame was easily picked out from the crowd. In front of him was Mommy. Abbey ran to her parents, ignoring the person who had been watching her.
Abbey never went to Sunday School at that church again.

I still remember the color of the room. It was pale yellow.

After that little ordeal, we switched churches (for a number of reasons - one being the Sunday School mishap and another reason being that there were no ministry oppertunities to serve within the big church).
We moved to a smaller church, about 100 people, in desperate need of a piano player, a part which my mom fills even to this day (she's playing on Sunday).
Around the same time we switched, our church was getting a new pastor. He had two children. A boy, 6 months older than me, and a girl, a year and a half younger. We were instant friends.
They took to calling me "Ab" or "Abs" but Mom didn't like that because it made her thinks of ab muscles. So the nickname faded over time.... Until last April.
I started saxophone lessons and my teacher likes to call me Ab, which is fine with me. I like the nickname! I even think others have begun to call me Ab again.
I have also been called ABSTER before. Other than those, I really don't have a nickname... Unless it is an online nickname.
My online buddies Jen and Jessica call me "Streaky" because on the site we met on ( my username is Streakfeather42. Before I was Streaky, I was Cyclone because a former Howrse account was called cycloneheart.
I was "Beluga" in a sea camp I once took and I've also been Hazel. On American my username is "Sherlock." I'm Grace on NaNoWriMo's site... I suppose I have lots of nicknames, if you count the online ones.

Actually, I keep calling him "The Jagrafess of the Holy Hand Grenade" but that's from a different British show....

How about you? Do you guys have any nicknames (real or online)?

Live long and prosper! I'm off to watch some Doctor Who.


  1. Nicknames haunt me where ever I go. Online I almost always go by Highlight or some variant. My Mom, two of my friends, my sister, and my piano teacher have taken to calling me Jessie. If anyone else tries to, I metaphorically rip them apart. It's the name an old friend used to call me when we were little, so it's kinda a sacred name xD Other people call me Jess on occaision, but typically I go by my given name.
    One of my friends calls me Professor, which was on the count that we were being silly one day and it stuck. This snowballed into a nickname from a guy in my classes 'Professie Jessie'. Another name I don't care for, and he knows it.

  2. That would be scary. Very scary. I would have crawled in a corner and cried.

    So, I guess Abbey isn't a nick name, I've always thought it was 8-D Abs is a fun name, but I think you'll always be Abbey to me.

    As you probably have guessed, Jack is my nick name 8-D My mum and dad gave me my real name partly so no one could nick name me. It failed. I now have many nick names, one of which is Sherlock. (My sister gave it to me, we have many for each other.)