Thursday, September 13, 2012

A fun DIY project!

What's this sticking out of my science book?

Is it.... is it...? Yes it is! The TARDIS has materialized inside my science book!

If you're like me, you read a lot and frequently run out of bookmarks. Sure scraps of paper or tissue or even the dust jacket serve as an O.K. bookmark... But they don't look nice and rip easily.
Today I was reading my science and decided that I needed a bookmark. I began to reach for a piece of scratch paper but then decided against it. Why not make my own bookmark? And why not make it the TARDIS?
So I went to Google images and typed in TARDIS, chose my picture and printed it out. But paper by itself is very flimsy and foresaw the bookmark ripping after a few chapters of use.... I started to think, what would make my bookmark more stable? Cardboard taped to the back? Maybe, but then it would be very bulky. I know! Tape!
I pulled out the packing tape and wrapped the TARDIS in it and behold, I have a bookmark that won't break easily!
Have I mentioned how much I hate packing tape? Well, now I have. That stuff is impossible to work with! But it makes nice bookmarks if you can get it to come out right. Sadly, my bookmarks have fingerprints and wrinkles in them due to poor taping... Oh well, they still look cool!
I had so much fun with the TARDIS that I made four more bookmarks.
Now I have a sonic screwdriver bookmark, a TARDIS bookmark, a Star Trek logo bookmark, a Klingon logo bookmark, and a Star Trek Original Series communicator bookmark!
If you are in need of stylish bookmarks, try making your own! It's very fun and easy and quick. =D
Today I did something that I thought would be impossible on the first try.
In piano, I do scales to warm up and I also do Hanon excercises which are just that. Excercises to warm up the fingers and hands.
That's the first Hanon excercise. They get progressively harder as the book goes along. There are 20 in each book and each excercise has a repeat sign to indicate that one should do it twice.
I recently finished the first book and my piano teacher challenged me to do all 20 in a row (no easy task - your wrists get VERY tired). Well, I did 20 in a row. Then I decided to do 20 in a row with repeats. Basically that's like doing 40 Hanon excercises in a row.
I tried it tonight.
I did all 20 in a row with repeats!
My hands still hurt and that was over an hour ago!
I got sore in places that I didn't know you could get sore in from playing piano (shoulders and feet).
But I did it! I can't wait to tell my piano teacher. It's definitely a great excercise if you can stand the pain.... 
In other news.... I love Star
Under their "videos" section, they have ALL the Original series episodes!! For free! Complete!
They also have all the Animated series episodes.
AND all four seasons of Enterprise (I don't recommend Enterprise until you've seen all the other Star Trek series {Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and of course Original} it isn't very good in my opinion).
Star also has picture galleries where members can upload pictures of various Trek related things (costumes, props, etc.).
I had fun looking through the "art" gallery which had a lot of funny pictures.

Hahahahaaa.... I feel kind of sorry for the red shirts. They always die. I wonder what they would say if they found out that in Next Generation they switch the colors and gold is security and red is command?
Live long and prosper. =)

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  1. Ooh, Hanon is a pain to do. I started it a few months ago and am currently on #8 or 9...I can't even fathom playing all twenty from the first book in a row, nor doing it with repeats! You're crazy, Streaky xD
    Poor red shirts xD