Thursday, September 27, 2012

A dilemma. And Rosey.

People have been inquiring after Rosey lately so I thought I'd post a picture.... She's doing well. When she's not sleeping she's glaring at me or playing with me or whining for no apparent reason.

Now onto the dilemma.
NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month AKA November) is coming up soon. I have the perfect idea that I have been planning for months. The plot is ripening; the characters are more developed than any characters I've ever come up with.... and I haven't even written about them yet!
There's two problems.
One: I still haven't finished last year's NaNo novel and I promsied myself I wouldn't do NaNo this year. I am confidant that I will have last year's NaNo novel done sometime in the middle of October.... The second reason is more pressing.
Two: Time. I don't have time to do NaNo. As well as having a good plot and characters, this novel will require research. I don't have time to do research.... And I don't have time to write for fun every single day. I'm kicing myself over this becasue the idea for my novel is just so good! The characters my own! But I can't do it. Sigh.
I could do my writing in the evenings - when I usually watch Doctor Who or Star Trek or play board games with my dad. But is it worth it? Would I really have enough time?
So there's my dilemma.

Live long and prosper.


  1. I feel that sometimes NaNo is more of a hindrance for writing then a help. Just depends on the year. You could always just, write a little every now and then and work on the book throughout the rest of the year. No one ever said it HAS to be finished in November.
    I hope you can figure out what to do. I'm kind of in the same boat, ship. I want to do it, but no time.

    Oh! I almost fell over! I will send you an email, but really, the offer for the trailer, I almost toppled over with relief. The trailer is one of my top concerns right now, and help...oh, help would be amazing.

    Like I said, I will email you 8-)


  2. So, I don't have TV so I cannot watch Elementary until it goes online. I'm haunting the website and Hulu, hoping it goes up on one of them. Times like this, I want a TV and cable or whatever it is.
    How was it though?! Is it the perfect way to have revenge on Moffat? Or do we need to add these directors to our list? I have a small ray of hope for it. I TRUST YOU, CHUMBERACH! DON'T BETRAY ME TOO! MY HEART CANNOT TAKE IT!!!!!!!

    Did you last through Doomsday or did you flood the house? (I've been remembering that episode and now I'm tearing up. Poor Doctor 8-()

    Ooooo....I forgot bananas are Alien. So many things are Alien and we never knew it.

    I want Doctor Who glasses *Smirk* Go to the eye glass place. "I want Tenth Doctor glasses please." o.O

    HEHEHE! The fourth Doctor does have cute hair, I never noticed. He looks so quarky too. He is Matt Smith's favourite, and the seventh I think was David Tennant's. The one who wore celery.

    Now I should go. My brain is shutting down and I'm not even sure what I'm saying. Can't wait for your reports. As soon as I see Elementary we can swap notes 8-D


  3. If you can't fit the whole novel in in November, then simply start it and just work on it when you can. NaNo is a *huge* commitment (I know that I'll be shutting down a lot of things for a month, and becoming one with my inner hermit) and if you don't have time to do it all in one month, then make it NaNoWriThreeMo. Or FourMo, or NaNoWriYear. Whatever it takes, just don't compromise your quality :)

  4. Do not fall for the temptation! I would wait until you finish last year's, 1. Because I want to read it!! and 2. because then it is a weight off your shoulders. You could always write your idea next year for NanoWriMo.
    Rosey is cute!
    Love, ShiningHisLight97