Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A noble cause.

I put off watching the Doctor Who episode "Doomsday" (the title speaks for itself why I don't want to watch it.... It is going to be sad) by watching Star Trek: Nemesis, the final Star Trek Next Generation movie.
I picked Nemesis because I've only seen it once and that was about three or four years ago. I barely remember the plot... But I do remember that Data sings "Blue Skies" at the beginning. I also remember that Data dies at the end.
So.... I put of watching Doomsday to watch Data die.... I ended up being sad tonight anyway. Oh well.

Now onto the noble cause.... I love American Girl Dolls, as you all know. On youtube there is a community of "AGtubers" that make videos about their dolls. Mostly it's stopmotions or series where the dolls are the actresses (and actors as well, since people are now making American Girl Boy dolls).
A popular AGtuber is Ali (channel: girloftheyearstudios). She has been making videos for over four years.
I had the pleasure of meeting Ali at the American Girl Doll Place a year ago when she came for a meet and greet.
(I'm on the left, Ali is on the right.)

Right now Ali is doing something amazing. Ali earns money every month from youtube when people watch her videos. She has decided that from now until December, all the money earned from her videos will go to charity. But not regular charity... Ali is going to try earn $1,000 before Christmas so that she can buy 10 American Girl Dolls to give to toy drives all over the USA and Canada so that poor girls (who can't afford the $105 American Girl Dolls) can get a special doll!
The only thing we have to do to help is watch one of four videos she has put on her channel called "Christmas AnGels Project."
To make it easy for you, I'm just going to post two of the videos here.

This first one is called "Once in a Lifetime" and the story is about a girl getting an American Girl Doll from a toy drive.

This second one I'm posting just because I like it so much. It is about a brother who sells his guitar to buy his little sister and American Girl Doll.

I hope you enjoy and share so poor girls can get the doll of their dream!

Live long and prosper.


  1. Wow, that Christmas AnGels project is cool! The videos were sweet. :)
    Aww, Data died?? How??
    Love, ShiningHisLight97

  2. Those were phenominal stopmotions!
    Also...I feel your pain about Data. Data is a pretty sweet android.