Wednesday, September 19, 2012


1. I finished typing the edited portion of my novel into the computer so I can continue with editing! Yay!

2. I drove from my house to my friend's house today! She lives 10 minutes away and there are a bunch of intersections in between.
I nearly hit a brown car while I was still in my neighborhood... I forgot to scan both ways. Don't tell my driving instructors! I got up to almost 40 MPH today which is as fast as I've gone yet. I'm quite pleased with myself. =D
On this corner there is a sign that says "watch for deer." Now, we have been driving on this road for years and have never seen a deer. As we appoached the turn I said to my mom, "I bet this is going to be the ONE time that we see a deer, now that I'm behind the wheel." Sure enough, we get around the corner and there are two deer! It was pretty funny.

In other news... My neck is making a strange crunching noise similar to the noise made by Minecraft people when they fall and take damage. I don't know why I felt the need to tell you that... Maybe because I have a cousin and some friends out there that are reading this that play Minecraft.

I'm getting back into school (no easy task) fairly smoothly and am proud with my progress thus far!

This is my mood:

How about you all? Doing well? Getting back into the grove of school?


  1. HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!! You're a driver now!!!!!!!!! (Deer are tricky. They like jumping out in front of people who are just learning how to drive. Or so I've heard.)

    I am also glad you were able to get your whole book typed up, that's a feat in itself. I hope editing goes well for you.

    I want to come and visit you and go to all those book stores. They sound so lovely. We only have, one in town...and it is very small and doesn't have many books. The others keep closing down, another crime.

    Oh well, waiting ten years to prank David Tennant is probably worth it. OH! And we could hear his Scottish accent! I hope he does most of the talking.

    Oh yes! I forgot that part from The Idiot's Lantern! That was so funny!

    Aye, the Oods are fun to say. There are a ton of jokes going around about them. Like in one store it had "Frozen Foods," but the F fell off so it said, "Frozen Oods," and all the Doctor Who geeks were going NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    What do you think of Rose? Will you be happy or sad to see her go?


  2. It's not too hard for me to get into school- I have no choice but to start instantly and dive in head-first!

    Also, congrats on the driving! It's good that you didn't drive over anyone ;)