Saturday, September 22, 2012

Two songs for you.

The song is called "Vuevlo Al Sur."
I'm playing both the saxophone and the piano accompaniment. No, I haven't sprouted two extra arms to play both instruments at the same time.
First I recorded myself playing the piano accompaniment and then I recorded myself playing the saxophone and put the two together. I think it turned out rather well, if I do say so myself.

And here is me playing Prelude in C by Bach.


  1. Very nice! I liked both! That's cool that you did the piano and sax accompaniment at the same time!
    Love, ShiningHisLight97

  2. You mixed the first one quite well! It sounded like someone else was playing the piano, and we just couldn't see them.
    I feel very mature for hearing you say 'Bach' and then burst into a fit of giggles. I've always heard it pronounced "Bakh', with very little of that Germanic-gutteral noise thing that the 'ch' is really supposed to sound like.
    ...I sound crazy.

  3. Awesome, Abbey!
    My little sis, Soli, just came in and was like, "What are you listening to?" I replied, "Streaky." She's like, "Wow.... that's really good.... that's good.... really.... good."

  4. CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING TYPING UP YOUR BOOK!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!!!! *Throws marshmallows.*

    LOVELY songs!!!!!!!!! You're amazing!!!!!!!!!!! I could listen to you play all day!

    I agree about the rights. I'm very worried about loosing rights. I wrote the book the way I want, and I don't wish the story to change, or them to be able to do something with it I don't like. That's the whole reason I'm self-publishing.

    Thanks for that story by the way!!! That was cool. I didn't know he did it all himself! I think I'll use it the next time someone says I can't do all this on my own. (I think I've pretty much told you my choice...but I'll make it official later on my blog when I've completely decided.)

    I like accents too. I want to mimic them but I'm bad at it, which makes me sad. You live in a cooler place then me. No one quotes Doctor Who here. They don't even know who he is. I want to go about and bring them home and make them watch it. "People, this is called BBC. This is where some of the best shows come from. WATCH!" That's my new law for when I take over the world. We all must watch BBC.

    I sometimes miss Rose. She wans't ever my favourite. Donna is my favourite, and Rory. When you see them I'll tell you why I like them so much. I don't want to give away anything though. Rose was nice, and I did like her, but not as much as those two.

    Where are you on them now?


  5. Fantastic! You are gifted, girl!!

  6. I enjoyed your concert of both pieces of music. WOW!
    Next time I want to see your face too!

  7. P.S.
    I'd love to hear a song on that dulcimer too.Grama

  8. I know, I keep telling John bananas are good for him but he refuses to eat them. He claims they are Alien.

    You should share your list someday 8-D

    Oh, I cannot stand TLC! On holiday my sister's sister was watching this show called Bridzillas and all of us but her wanted to scream. It was just constant bickering and whinnying. It makes me wonder what the Brits must think of us.
    I don't get TV so I've not seen The Learning Channel in ages. It used to be rather nice, but TV people are always taking nice things and making them...not so nice.
    In other American TV news, Elementary is out tomorrow. Are you excited or nervous?

    I LOVE Mickey and Jackie! (I have your habit too, I love characters everyone hates.) I think Mickey is amazing and I loved how he grew. He is one of the coolest companions. And Jackie is SUCH fun! She is one of the few who dares stand up to the Doctor. "She slapped me!" And by the end...wait, I don't know where you are yet so I won't say anything.

    K-9 is cool. I want to watch the old ones so I can see more of him and Sarah Jane, and I'm DYING to see Tom Baker!

    I do like the Doctor and Rose's romance. You're right. It isn't all Hollywood. It is very sweet and I think it is even better because they were friends first. It isn't all sappy or forced. Or HAS to be there. They love each other and love being together and having adventures and getting into danger.

    Oh, I'm not much of a crier in movies. It isn't that I don't find some sad it is just I don't really cry. I usually get quiet and sulky and that is my deep sorrow. However, Doomsday made me tear up. It is one of those that, tears are impossible to keep at bay. Make sure you have tissues on hand. *Sends chocolate*