Thursday, September 6, 2012

The one where I take a break from CATs to play tag.

The lovely Miss Jack Lewis Baillot has tagged me! Thanks Jack! =D
It is the Liebster award but I'm not going to go find the picture for it.

First, post 11 random things about yourself:

1. I am right in the middle of my CAT testing (California Achievement Test). I have just finished one of the two math tests and now I'm blogging to try get my stress level down.

2. I can't think of any more random stuff to say about myself.

3. I absolutely love the new American Girl Doll historical character's clothes, although I'm not too fond of the actual doll (she's too plain if you ask me... But more on that later, perhaps).

4. Last night I thought of more nicknames. My mom has called me "precious" from practically the moment I was born. My dad used to call me "girl" or "princess." One time he wasn't paying attention and he said, "See you later man."

5. Peaches are my favorite fruit.

6. I hate posting 11 random things about myself because I've done it so many times I've run out of random things. In reality, I'm not a very interesting person. I'm very boring.

7. I know of at least three Captain Jack's. Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Jack Harkness, and I don't remember the third one... he was from another TV show, though.

8. I think a lot of people are genius's. Like George M. Cohan and George Washington and the other Founding Fathers and George Lucas and J.R.R. Tolkien and all the actors that I like and Danny Kaye and Donald O'Connor and John William and... the list goes on. Lots of George's.

9. The Doctor likes the Muppets! He said so! He said, "1979! China invaded Korea, the Muppet Movie... I love that film." Me too Doctor, me too.

10. I start driver's ed on Saturday.

11. I have been to two funerals and about 12 weddings in my life.

Next, answer the 11 questions provided and think up 11 new ones.

1. What is your opinion on the word Discombobulated?
It's befuddling!
Really, though, I like the word. It's the first song on the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack and also my favorite.
2. Would you fight in a battle or attend to the wounded during and after it?
I would probably attend to the wounded after the battle. I'm not sure I would have enough strength to go and fight on the battlefield and kill people.

3. How would it be, if you came and had tea with me?
We would have a lovely time! We would dress up in odd clothes and talk Sherlock Holmes or Doctor Who or books and then we would go watch a movie.

4. Do you think hot dogs should be considered a food or a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong?
I think hot dogs are food.... But they certainly aren't healthy. I was watching a documentary on how hot dogs are made and it is really disgusting! But not all hot dogs are made like the ones you get at the fair or at a baseball game. There are some hot dogs that are healthier than others.
By the way... why do hot dogs always come in packages of 10 while buns only come in packages of 8??

5. What do you think is in Twinkies, or would you rather not know?
We're all just Twinkies in a Ding Dong world....

6. What do you know of the Unicorn?
The Unicorn? Ah the stuff dreams are made of.... We children's dreams....
Oh.... you don't mean those horses with the narwal tusks on their heads? Well then....
It is the year 1676. The UNICORN, a valiant ship of King Charles II's fleet, has left Barbados in the West Indies, and set sail for home. She carries a cargo of... well, anyway, there's a good deal of rum aboard....
Two days at sea, a good stiff breeze, and the UNICORN is reaching on the starboard tack. Suddenly there's a hail aloft....
"Sail off the port bow!"
"Thundering typhons!... She's mighty close-hauled! Ration my rum if she's not going to cut across our bows! And she's making a spanking pace! Oho! She's running up her colours... Now we'll see.... ?! The Jolly Roger! Pirates!..."
What do I know? Not a lot, that's why I should ask you. Let me guess, the secret of that ship is known only to your family?
7. Is the World Quiet Here?
The world is never quiet where I go.... I think people get overwhelmed (either that or bored) when I start to talk.... But I don't mind. I just talk even more and then start to annoy people. =D

8. Did you read too much into that question and think I was being horribly clever and witty and asking about politics or something?
Not until I read question number 8. xD When I first read the above question I thought it sounded like a book title so I looked it up and it's a poem! Very clever.

9. Do you think someone should teach medicine companies what fruit tastes like?
YES! And while they're at it they can teach the candy companies as well.

10. ROUS', do you believe they exist?
Yup, and I have proof. The giant rat of Sumatra from Sherlock Holmes.... It has ROUS written all over it.
The other night my mom was kept awake by rats is our garden. When I went outside to see what damage they had done, the carrots were all lying down, as if something big had lay down and flattened their leaves.... Only Rodents Of Unusual Size could do that.
I know of one person who even managed to catch a Rous.... Jabba the Hutt.
See it?

11. What do you mean when you say, "As you wish"?
"I love you...." Actually, I'm not sure if I've ever said, "as you wish" before. I'll have to be careful who I say it to....
Now my eleven questions.
1. Do you find my lack of faith disturbing?
2. If you had a feeling you weren't in Kansas anymore, what would you do?
3. How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
4. Where is Gandalf, for I much desire to speak with him.
5. Do you like waffles (yeah we like waffles!)? Do you like pancakes (yeah we like pancakes!)? Do you like french toast (yeah we like french toast!)?
6. Am I being rude again?
7. Would you name a shrub after me?
8. If you were forced to choose between two weevils that were exactly alike in every way, would you choose the lesser of two weevils?
9. Is today a good day to die?
10. I know you're not trying to be fulsome, but do you covet my skull?
11. Did you realise that the previous 10 questions are either from TV, movies, music, commercials, or books?
I tag Jessica at Authorly Insane.
I also tag Clair at Working Title.
Live long and prosper!


  1. Woohoo! Another tag, yay! Thanks :) Good luck with your tests and your busy weekend...

  2. I finally get that Star Wars thing, my brother and I watched it this morning XD
    So the ROUS's... here's the thing about those. When I was three I watched the movie for the first time and got absolutely freaked out by them. I didn't sleep the entire night. And even though I think they're hilarious now, I still can't help shuddering a little when they first come on screen.
    "Rodents of unusual size? Pfft. I don't think they exist." *GGUUAARRGGGHH dying scream*

    I also love Master and Commander! You referenced it on your blog a couple months ago I think, so I went and watched and now it's one of my favourites. It is so stinkin' sad, though. But so good.

    (about the Gandalf thing) I used to be able to quote, like, 50% of Fellowship of the Ring from memory. I'm not kidding -- I could spout off entire conversations PLUS background music during the silences whenever anyone even mentioned Lord of the Rings. And I wondered why I didn't have many friends... XD

    I wanted to tag you back, but apparently that's against the rules (I discovered this when I went searching for the picture of the Liebster thingy). Boo. Because your answers are always HILARIOUS.

    Whew, okay. I have to go to bed now. Have a good weekend :)

    By the way, I'd love to email back and forth with you if you want. I think my address is on my profile, but if not let me know because that would be cool.

    NOW I'm going to bed.