Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Top Tuesdays: My favorite books (in no particular order). PLUS some questions for you all.

My question for you all has to do with that secret thing I mentioned last week sometime.... (It seems like everyone and their uncle has a secret project nowadays).
My question to you is:

Which American Girl dress do you like better (keep in mind that the doll is very rich, worldly, and has just had her husband kidnapped. Yes, that sounds weird. Just roll with it for now):


Second question.... Which hairstyle do you like better (keeping the same things in mind):

(They are basically the same style.... Only the first one is the two braids on the top of the head, and the second one is the two braids just above the nape of the neck.) 
 Now I think I shall get to editing!
Live long and prosper.
P.S. Do you like the new blog look? Blue and purple are two of my favorite colors (along with red; but I don't think that goes with the other two colors) and I figured I needed something more springy, light, happy, and less brown. The brown was nice... But too dark for spring/summer. Plus I've had the other template since last summer - it was time for a change. A pretty, beautiful, PURPLE and BLUE change! =D


  1. LOVE the new template! And as for dresses and hair styles, I'd have to go with number one for both. (And now I'm curious to know what it's all about 8-D)

    You listed Tintin in your favourite books. (And yes, I know you are a huge fan, but I think you just became a bigger one by having his books as some of your favourites. Because, really, they are amazing books.)

  2. I like the first dress and the second hair style. :)

  3. Oh, and I LOVE the new template!!
    Love, ShiningHisLight97

  4. I need to get a hold of The Enchanted Castle. That looks like a good book, and I've enjoyed the others of her books that I've read.

    My votes are for the first dress and the second hairstyle.

    Oh, and I LOVE the new template. Purple and blue are two of my favorite colors!

  5. I love the color backgrounds. They don't hurt my eyes.

    Also, I'd go with the first dress and the first hairstyle.

  6. You were right, the quote was from the Sherlock HOlmes movies with RDJ. It is from the first one, when he's talking with the bad guy and Blackwood is trying to scare him. I think I might keep it in mind to use if anyone ever tries the same with me.

    I've not read many books by young adult writers. I tried one and didn't like it much, so this one REALLY surprised and impressed me. He is a very talented young man.

    Ooooo! Now I wish I could use the Misty Mountain song for the trailer, that would be such fun. Doubly so if I could get the dwarves to sing it all the way through. I shall have to go and ask them.