Friday, May 17, 2013

I have no decent title for this post.

To look forwards to in the next week: A review/my thoughts on The Great Gatsby book (which I just finished reading. Twice.)
Also a review on the first season of the CBS show Elementary.

Now onto other things plus a bunch of random pictures.

 I'm watching Get Smart.

Because I'm totally wiped out.
Today I had a finance class that was kind of unrealistic.... You are supposed to figure out a budget.... But then, instead of giving you the option of paying off stuff right away (such as buying a $300 laptop) they make you go into debt by paying $20 of said laptop every month until it is paid off.
It was kind of annoying. And loud. I couldn't hear myself think sometimes.
Nevertheless, I had fun.

Hee hee hee..... Look up Monty Python Silly Walk if you want to understand.

Anyway, then we went to church and had book discussion on The Great Gatsby.... while the boys set up for their art show.
Then we had the art show.
Since the boys are the only ones who do art (us girls finished the program a few years ago), there was also some entertainment... Some piano pieces... and a few readings.
I read the first chapter of After the Twelfth Night. =D
It went well.

Buuuuuutttt I'm starting to have my doubts about publishing... What if my book isn't good enough? Besides, so many people are pre-reading it before it comes out, no one will be left to buy it! Not that the money matters.... It really doesn't. I just want to entertain people. Well, maybe the money matters a little bit. I'm only human, right? But I do want to entertain people more. I want them to have the rush that I have when I buy books.... What will the story unfold? What kind of characters will let me into their lives? (This even happens with books I've already read. Re-living the story is sometimes better than reading it for the first time.)


My secret project is kind of on hold for now. Hopefully I can work on it some more next month.


Now I'm exhausted and going to go.

Live long and prosper.


  1. The silly walks thing made me LOL! Also all the Get Smart references...I'm barely familiar with the show, but I've scraped up enough knowledge to know when to laugh.

    I'm definitely looking forward to your reviews! And by the way, I should mention that I'm loving the purple background.

  2. Ooh, I'm interested in the review of The Great Gatsby. I want to read it sometime soon.

    I say go and publish it anyway. You won't get any results unless you take a little risk :)