Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Insert your own witty title here.

I've been sickish the past two days so there will be no Top Tuesdays for you today.

I could feel it coming on Sunday. In the morning I had to sing on worship team and I really didn't feel all that well... my throat was starting to hurt and it got increasingly worse as the day progressed.
Yesterday we were planning on going to a really cool sci-fi thing but I was still feeling pretty bad so we stayed home and I had a couch day watching movies. We might go to the sci-fi exhibit on Saturday instead.

First I watched some Carol Burnett... then I watched Tintin. Then I watched The Princess Bride because I've only seen it once or twice and that was a loooooongg time ago. It was about time I re-watched it, especially because I love the book so much. Personally I think the book is better.... But I love the movie too. Especially Inigo and Fezzik. They are my favorites.
After that I watched some Fellowship of the Ring special features while I waited for my dad to come home from Into Darkness (he went with his friends). Then we watched the first disk of Fellowship of the Ring until he went to bed. After that Mom and I watched more Carol Burnett. Then I went to bed.
Today I had to get up early for a piano lesson. Usually I have them on Mondays, but my teacher was away yesterday so we rescheduled for today. I am feeling a bit better today. My sore throat went away... but my sinus's have been draining all day.
We went to the thrift store and bookstore after piano lessons... then came home. After that was lit. class. We're reading The Old Man And The Sea. Then finally we could come back home. I crashed on the couch and slept for a little bit.... did some reading and writing and science. Then watched the other half of The Fellowship! Yay!

Now I'm writing this blog post.

What do you all do when you are sick?

Live long and prosper.


  1. "No more rymning! I mean it!" "Does anyone want a peanut?"

    Being sick is rotten, unless you get to relax and watch movies all day. Then it isn't AS bad. I hope you are feeling lots better though.

    I was surprised at how much I liked the ending of Elementary. I mean, Irene was actually...out of all the movie Irene's I liked this one best. It was cool, making the two people who were as smart as Sherlock into one. It was a great twist and I now kind of hope she comes back in season two, if I end up watching it.

  2. When I'm sick I end up watching some old Disney movie (often The Aristocats) or cartoons. Or I sleep. I do a lot of that too xD

  3. You know words in Klingon, I should have known. You're cool like that.

    If we lived closer I'd hope over and we could re-watch Star Wars together. What are your thoughts on the first three movies? (The new ones?) I'm starting to think those three are the most hated, loved movies of all time.