Friday, May 24, 2013

On Characters.

I'm doing my character post today because Star Trek fell through... until tomorrow. Mwahahahahahaaa.... I think. My mom's friend had something going today so we decided to go tomorrow. And then she got sick today.... so we'll see if we actually get to go tomorrow. xD

Anyway, onto my character post! I am going to try make this short so I can go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Tonight I am going to be talking about male/male character friendships.
I think that male/male character friendships are some of the best in literature, movies, and TV. Sadly, it seems like in today's society, you can't have a male/male friendship without it being seen as gay or non-masculine. The man is supposed to be this loner tough guy who has no friends and then suddenly makes one friend.... but then that friend leaves/is destroyed by the bad guy and the character decides that never again will he have friends because caring is not an advantage. Friendships make one weak!
Either that or the guy character is somewhat feminine/weak/nerdy....
Sure, the guy is supposed to be the masculine one, but he can't be alone. Adam was lonely so God made Eve. And I guess I should say the cliché joke here.... It's Adam and EVE not Adam and STeve.
Anyway, their are many male/male character friendships in literature (and Star Trek) where the characters are neither seen as weaker because of it or gay.
I shall now list some for you!
From literature:

I'll do the obvious friendship first. Sam and Frodo! =D


Is there really anything that I can say about these two? Sam is Frodo's gardener and is SO loyal to his master. He literally follows him to the end of (Middle)Earth. He carries Frodo when Frodo falls.... he watches out for Frodo... he distrusts Gollum... He's very brave.

Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley from Pride and Prejudice:


Hee hee. I LOVE Mr. Bingley. He is SO adorable. The above scene is one of my favorites from the new P+P with Kiera Knightley.
Darcy and Bingley's friendship is an odd one to be sure.... Mr. Darcy isn't a very open man - he's kind of shy. Mr. Bingley is the opposite. Bingley is outgoing and loves people. He's very kind but a little bit simple in the brain.... So he takes the advice of his friends to heart. Mr. Darcy, as his friend, wants the best for him. Though he ends up breaking up Bingley and Jane, he does it with the best of intentions, thinking Jane is indifferent.

There are countless example from Shakespeare.... Benedick and Claudio are the ones that immediately come to my mind (they are from Much Ado About Nothing):

There's also Dogberry and Verges (from the same play):


Although their relationship isn't so much friendship as comically abusive.... The same can go for the Antipholus's and the Dromio's from The Comedy of Errors.

And finally.... of course.... Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson!

I LOVE their friendship. Holmes is basically a friendless man until Watson comes along. And Holmes is alright with that..... until he meets Watson. Watson is his buddy. His partner in solving crime (MY book title! MINE!). When Watson gets married and move away, Holmes feels comfortable enough coming in the dead of night, sitting with Watson for a bit, and then leaving over his back fence (The Final Problem). Watson often doesn't know what's going on (he represents the audience) but he trusts that Holmes will eventually give him all the answers.
Most people think that Holmes is just a cold, uncaring, calculating fellow. And he is. But he's very loyal to his friend Watson. In The Sign of Four, after Watson comes back from talking with Mary and is exhausted, Holmes plays his violin until Watson falls asleep. He also saves him in Devil's Food Root. And threatens to kill a man when Watson gets shot in Three Garridebs (I think that's the one).
Watson puts up with Holmes' moods and really becomes his best friend. He also watches out for Holmes and makes him rest when he overdoes himself (like in that one where they go to rest... and then Holmes gets a case... I forget which one that is).
From Star Trek:
Data and Geordi. This clip explains their friendship:
(Grr... it won't play ON the blog. But it's only 40 seconds long so click the link).
Data and Geordi watch out for each other... and they dress up as Holmes as Watson and go into the holodeck to defeat Moriarty!
Spock, Kirk, and McCoy (of course):
Hee hee hee....
The original trio! Though Spock and Bones can sometimes get on each other's nerves, Kirk is always there to smooth things out. He's got a great friendship with both of these guys and in the end, I think Spock and McCoy like each other as well. After all, McCoy did house Spock's katra for awhile.... and then there was that episode where they had to try and rescue Kirk from being in between dimensions (or something).
Tom Paris and Harry Kim from Voyager:
They are buddies. They give each other advice... and go on holodeck adventures together.... and go on double dates.... They have a great friendship. There is one episode (called The Chute, I think) where they are stuck in an alien prison together and have to get out somehow.
And I've been saving the best for last.... Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien!
They are from Deep Space Nine and they have one of the best friendships in ALL of Star Trek's history.
Miles is a familiar face because he was in the Next Generation. He's an Irishman with a family (Keiko is his wife and his two kids are Molly and Yoshi), not to mention he's the chief engineer guy on the station. But he still has time to spend with his best buddy Julian. But their relationship wasn't always so good.... It started out very rocky.

Miles: "I hated you. And now..... I don't."
True friendship there guys!
Besides getting drunk together.... (which, I believe, only happens that one time) Julian and Miles LOVE to go have adventures in the holosuite. They always do the weirdest stuff....
"HuMANs.... all you care about is yourselves....." *shakes head*
Oh Quark....
To wrap it up: The Tintin characters!
Lots of guy friendships here that are great..... Haddock and Tintin are very patient with Professor Calculus and, even though he's a little hard of hearing in one ear, they do lots for him. Haddock braves the moon.... and they go rescue him - twice! I hope they put Calculus into the next movie because it really isn't Tintin without him.
I think that male/male character friendships are some of the best in literature and TV. I don't know why... Maybe it's because they aren't as wishy-washy and emotion driven as women. They can hate each other and have a fist fight one day and then the next day they are best friends and it doesn't bother them. I used to think it would be nice to be a boy because then I wouldn't have to deal with all the girly drama problems that come with our friendships.
Anyway, there is my character post! I hope you enjoyed.


  1. haha these are great!! :D I think the Sam/Frodo friendship is one of the best in the movies ever. :)

  2. Fun! I hope they put Calculus into the next movie too.
    It's weird though because there aren't really any women relationships in the Tintin comics.
    The women characters in movies are a lot of the time not very realistic because men make them all attractive or overly emotional. There aren't a lot of women who work in the movie industries. Most of the directors are men. I find it sad...

  3. I have to agree, we just don't see many really good friendships between characters that don't eventually get married/are siblings in literature these days. I mean, seriously. What the heck. (I feel the need to fix this now. Maybe for NaNoWriMo or something.)
    Speaking of good literary friendships, how about the classic 'Of Mice and Men'? George and Lennie's friendship is definitely one of the more unique in literature. It certainly warranted a few hours' worth of discussion from my English class. (Of course, the other half of our discussion time was spent discussing why Curly's wife was never given a name.)

  4. "Watson! Tell me you are not hurt!"
    "It is a good thing for you. If you had killed Watson you would not have made it out of this room alive."

    (Oh yes, and when he almost poisons him and drags him from the house and then apologizes for putting him in danger 8-D)

    Okay, quoting aside. I love male/male friendships as well, for the same reasons you do. With girls there is so much emotion and such. Guys get made and have a fist fight and then all is well. It is less complex. And I loved all your examples!!!!!