Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Crickey mate!

I was going to do a post about characters for Jack's giveaway thingy (whether she decides to actually enter me in the giveaway is her choice - since I've already read the book).
Buuutt then I decided to do something more fun. Movie review! =D

When I was eight or nine I first saw The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, at my friends house.

This movie stars Steve Irwin, better known as The Crocodile Hunter, his wife Terri, and a whole bunch of other people (including the guy who played Faramir! I was watching and going, 'that guy looks so familiar... where have I seen him befor-FARAMIR!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!' It was pretty exciting).
Like I said, my friend introduced me to this movie. We watched it together and laughed SO HARD. Especially when the lady toots and the barn explodes....
After watching it with her, I got it out of the library very, very often. It was probably my favorite movie.
Then, in 2006 when I was ten, Steve Irwin was killed (by a stingray, I think). I severed all my connections with him. I was sooooo sad. I haven't seen Collision Course - that favorite movie of mine - since before he died. It was just too painful.
Now, seven years later I am finally brave enough to watch it again.
So I did, tonight. Because we bought it at the thrift store yesterday.
It was as good as I remember. But I did get sad at the end. I have to not think about his death so much, otherwise I get sad.
So now the review!
Here is what the movie is about:
A space shuttle explodes and a small ball of importantness falls into the Australian Outback. For some reason, the American government wants to get it back so they send two guys (which remind me a LOT of the two government guys in Eva Ibbotson's Journey to the River Sea) to retrieve it. There's also a girl who is trying to get it as well.... I'm not sure if she's working for America or not (to tell you the truth, I wasn't paying that much attention to the actual plotline).
Anyway, a crocodile ends up eating the important ball thing. It happens to be the same crocodile that an angry rancher is trying to shoot because it keeps eating her cattle. Of course, it is illegal to kill crocodiles because that is poaching. That's where Faramir comes in. He's a police guy who tries to keep the angry rancher lady in line.
So all these seemingly separate plotlines are going on... Steve and Terri Irwin are catching all sorts of animals. Then they find the croc and try and get it to a safe place.
Then all the characters intersect and there is a whole bunch of action including a cat/boat/plane chase.
It's a wonderful movie. But, of course, there's some content... A few bad words. A couple Australian swear words and then a few d- and h- words. And there are a whole bunch of scary scenes.... Mostly having to do with Steve catching animals. He wrestles with several crocodiles, two poisonous snakes, and a poisonous spider. Yeaahh... It's kinda scary.
Other than that, it's a wonderful movie!!! Very funny and fun..... It's like a documentary mixed with a plotline. I LOVE movies like that.... The gods Must Be Crazy is another movie like that. It actually reminds me a lot of Collision Course. Also two Beatles films... Help! and A Hard Day's Night are kind of documentary with a plotline.... I guess it could be described as satire. Which I love. The Princess Bride is the same kind of thing.
And now I should go to bed.... You know your tired when you type "The Princess Bride is the kind same of thing" and then stare at it going, 'something is wrong here....'
Tomorrow my review of Elementary will be up! And on Friday I might do my character post.... But I'm going to see a certain movie -
- with my mom's friend. (Funny story... she came over to so she and my mom could talk fabric - because they like to sew - and then she came in and said to me, "I want to go to the movies on Friday. What are you doing?" And I said "Nothing." So she said, "I want to go see Star Trek. Do you want to come with me?" I thought about it for .0000001 seconds and said, "YES!" So we're going to see Into Darkness of Friday. Even though my Star Trek skirt isn't finished yet.... Maybe I'll have to wear my red shirt instead. Orrr not..... That might be slightly embarrassing. Not to mention dangerous.
Anyway, Friday or Saturday my character post will be up. I might have to do an Into Darkness review as well.
Live long and prosper!
P.S. Don't forget to check out my last post - 300th!


  1. Haha, older silly movies are always good fun to rewatch! I might need to track down this one. I recall seeing something of it once way back in the day when Steve Irwin was a big deal. Didn't his daughter go on to do some little kid show about animals?

    Have fun at the Star Trek movie!

  2. I've always liked this movie, and him. He was so cool. (I found out about his death while in an airport, it was depressing.)

    Ahem...I SAW THE ENDING OF ELEMENTARY!!!! I had suspected (Oh wait) in case anyone who hasn't seen it is reading this....SPOILER ALERT

    Okay, now moving on.

    I suspected she was still alive, and working with Moriarty. But I never guessed that she WAS Moriarty! I was rather impressed with that twist. I mean there've been so many twists since the books were made into shows, but this was completely new.

    Anyhow, what did you think of it? Overall I liked it, though I could have done without all the talk of them sleeping together. I think that is my biggest dislike of the show. But I'm really starting to like Joan and E-Lock's friendship, it is fun in a weird way. But any friendship with a Sherlock is bound to be weird.

    Do you know if they're making a second season yet?

    In closing...CAN'T WAIT for your review of Into Darkness. And yes, you can enter the contest, even though you've already read it.