Monday, May 13, 2013

A question to you authors out there. And another question for everyone!

Really serious heart-to-heart moment in my book.... someone has just been killed and there's all this tension and moral stuff going on... and then I put this line in:
"I never knew my father."

I can't get through a serious moment without putting something funny in it! I just can't! There's a part in Part Two where they are being attacked by creatures that I describe as "lolloping." Not "terrifying" not "atrocious..." "LOLLOPING!"

Anyway, that's not my question.
My question to you authors is.... Do you have as much material for your books or am I just strange?


This is all my After the Twelfth Night stuff. On the very bottom is a folder with pictures/descriptions of the different characters, in case I ever get motivated to draw one or two of them.
Next is Part Two edited-on-paper. Above that (in the black binder) is Part Two waiting to be edited by Abbey and Mom next month.
Then on top of THAT is all my Part One stuff along with character descriptions and plots.... On top of that is Part One in book form (since I got it published after I finished writing it two years ago - never knowing that it would become what it is today).
I also have another notebook with the plot of Part Two in it.... amongst other things.

Do you authors have this much stuff for your books to? Or am I crazy?

Second question for everyone: Do you have any questions you want to ask me? About writing.... me.... my dolls... books... things that matter.... the universe... Just anything really.
I'm asking because it has to do with my secret project (which has now kind of evolved into a double secret project). So if you want to ask me anything - however irreverent it might be, ask away. =) It shall be answered in the future. Ask multiply questions if you want.

Back to editing now.

Live long and prosper!


  1. This is why I tend to avoid serious matters when I write. I will get half way through it, go, "This is depressing," and someone will say something which is meant to be a joke and it comes off as unfeeling when I re-read it later. Writing serious is HARD!

    Um...yes, I do have about that many as well, files and stuff for books. So, I don't think it is just you. I believe I've heard other authors say they have a ton of notebooks and files. (I have about twenty or more notebooks myself and so many files and random notes on my computer I'm always loosing them.)

    Okay, I have a question for you. What would you do if you fell into a Huffulump trap?

    Moffat is Scottish?! This explains SOOO much! (The Scots and Brits still have a silent war going on, though they'd deny if asked. But if you called a Scot a Brit you'd better run. Moffat being Scottish clears so much up.)

  2. "And the big brown bear came lolloping over the mountain ..." Every time I read the word lolloping, it's with Captain Pott's voice. Yes, intense scenes just have this weird habit of popping out a funny line. It eases the tension.

    I think that, if I sought out and piled all of the physical writing and drawings that have been done for book two of my Rizkaland Legends, the stack might rival that. And that book still has several more rewrites to go through!

    1. Oh, and a question ... umm ... Would Jess find it creepy if she knew that I also owned a version of her?

  3. I have a lot more in a pile but most of it is blank paper. I have a bad habit of starting to write in a notebook and then not finishing the notebook, losing it, then starting another.

  4. I mostly keeps notes/research/etc on the computer, ever since my pile of notebooks got too big for my room, but yeah...I probably have that much material or more. So you're not crazy!!! (Either that, or we all are)

    Sometimes the problem I have, though, is that I get totally swamped in plotting and note-taking that I can't get started on the actual *writing*.

    That Finding Nemo thing had me chuckling aloud, by the way. And yes, I do the same thing. I can't make up my mind whether I want to be serious or silly, so it's just sort of all over the place...and sometimes I manage to slip in a movie/book reference in. *guilty look*

    As for things I want to ask you...hmmm. That's tough. I've thought about it a while, and my mood comes and goes. Sometimes I have a ton of questions and can't pick just the right one, sometimes I can't think of any at all. So I guess I'll go with something lame: what's your favourite colour? I'll think of something better later.

  5. Yes, I have that much writing stuff. If I counted the multiple copies of FL I had laying around, it would be about that tall. Same with Kat and Kadet. If it were my entire writing collection of Stuff, Things, and Binders, it would be about five times as large.
    Questions, questions, questions. Hmm. What's your favorite example of modern literature? Dystopian lit? Have you ever considered other forms of writing (screenplay, poetry, etc.)? What is the price of tea in Bangladesh?