Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Three hundreeeeeeddd!!!

It's my 300th blog post!

Watch this video to understand my blog title:


Guess who finished her first edit of Part One of After the Twelfth Night last night? "CONGRATULATE ME MAX!"


Now to start on the read through of Part One, fixing what little things I missed....

In honor of this first leap towards publishing, I have decided to reveal one of my secret projects! The big one - the one that I have been talking about (I'm still a tad bit iffy on the other one, that's why I'll wait to reveal it).

Meet the cast of the...


So yes. I am in the works of making a book trailer for After the Twelfth Night with my dolls! Personally, I think book trailers are kind of weird... Because, you know, it's a book, not a movie. I wasn't planning on doing one and then I thought WAIT A MINUTE! I could do it with dolls! Then it would be super cool! So that's what I'm doing. Look forwards to the trailer sometime in the summer... August maybe. Or maybe, since the book isn't coming out until November, the trailer will come out in September or October.

And finally, here is Top Tuesdays! Top favorite TV shows (in order, this time).

Live long and prosper!


  1. HURRAY!!! I will be happy to see your book trailer, because it will be fun. Lots aren't fun.

    I am excited for you to publish your book. i'm going to read it right away when Jack buys a copy...I have to wait for her to buy one since I don't have a job that gives me money.

  2. Congratulations on 300!!

    A book trailer with dolls? Sounds like lots of fun! I'm looking forward to seeing it!